OEE New Housing: Members Only Resource Centre

This site will allow you to:

  • Find updates about the OEE’s New Housing initiatives
  • Download logos, brochures and other useful marketing materials
  • Access administration and training documents
  • Manage your organization’s contact information

It is important that you follow the steps below in order for your company’s listing to appear in search results at www.newhomes.gc.ca/findaparticipant used by new home buyers to look for energy efficient builders or service providers in their region.

Accessing the Site

1. Go to www.newhomes.gc.ca/members

2. Enter Your User ID

  • For Service Organizations: SO-## (enter your two-digit NRCan number)
  • For Evaluators or Advisors: Enter your four-digit NRCan number
  • For Builders*: Enter your five-digit builder number (this alpha-numeric combination is comprised out of the identifying letter for your province followed by your unique 4-digit builder number). See chart below for the letter that identifies your province.

    Provincial Letter Codes
    Province Letter
    Alberta A
    British Columbia C
    Manitoba M
    New Brunswick B
    Newfoundland and Labrador F
    Northwest Territories T
    Nova Scotia N
    Nunavut V
    Ontario O - this is not a zero
    Prince Edward Island P
    Quebec Q
    Saskatchewan S
    Yukon Y
    Nunavut V

3. Enter Your Password:

The default password is “welcome”. It is case sensitive and can be customized once you enter the site. If you are unable to enter the site or have forgotten your user ID or password click either of the two links I forgot my User ID or I forgot my password.

4. Go to Your Account:

Upon entering the site for the first time, users will be directed to the “Your Account” screen. Please follow these steps:

  1. Verify/update your company’s contact information
  2. Scroll down and click on the "request changes" button
  3. Select New Housing initiatives and the services you provide (you may select more than one service and role)
  4. Select the Regions that you service (check each box that corresponds)
  5. Click on Submit button to save your changes (an e-mail with your changes is automatically sent to NRCan where the requested changes to your account will be made; the Reset button clears all the information and the Cancel button cancels the process)

    These fields must be selected in order for this information to appear in the online search function located at www.newhomes.gc.ca/findaparticipant

* R-2000 participants who also participate in ERS/ESTAR please note that your newly assigned ERS/STAR number will override the original R-2000 number (your newly assigned number is your original R-2000 number without the hyphen) and you will need to use this new number to log on.