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Industrial Consumption of Energy (ICE) Survey – Summary Report of Energy Use in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector, 1995–2009

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3 Industrial energy data

The Government of Canada, and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) in particular, have worked with Canadian industry for more than 30 years to promote energy efficiency in industrial practices. The availability of good quality data on the Manufacturing sector’s energy consumption is essential to effectively monitoring the sector’s energy efficiency.

Other data sources

NRCan works with various data sources to publish information on energy use in all sectors of the Canadian economy. For additional data, analysis and reports on the industrial sector, consult the following: Industrial Consumption of Energy (ICE) survey, Report on Energy Supply and Demand in Canada (RESD), Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation (CIPEC), Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre (CIEEDAC), and NRCan’s Demand and Policy Analysis Division (DPAD).

Factors influencing industrial energy demand

Several factors influence energy demand in the Manufacturing sector. These factors can work alone or in combination to increase or decrease the total energy demand. It is difficult to attribute the observed changes to individual factors and even more difficult to produce an exhaustive list of these factors. Nevertheless, the following are some of the key factors that affect energy demand: activity, price effect, capacity utilization and scale effect, change in the composition of the subsector production, and energy efficiency measures.

A brief summary and description of the industrial data sources and the definitions of the factors influencing the industrial energy demand are provided in last year’s report at

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