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Industrial Consumption of Energy (ICE) Survey – Summary Report of Energy Use in the Canadian Manufacturing Sector, 1995–2009

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1 Foreword

Every year, Statistics Canada conducts the Industrial Consumption of Energy (ICE) survey,¹ which collects energy use data from establishments² in Canada’s Manufacturing sector.³ The ICE survey is currently co-sponsored by the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and Environment Canada. The survey is an essential tool for monitoring the evolution of energy consumption by manufacturing industries and therefore helps fulfill part of the OEE’s mandate to strengthen and expand Canada’s commitment to energy conservation and energy efficiency.

This summary report examines energy consumption patterns for the Canadian Manufacturing sector, using the results of the 2009 ICE survey. The estimates are based on the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) and include all 21 subsectors of the Manufacturing sector (NAICS 31 to 33).4

Other initiatives that gather information on energy use by the Manufacturing sector include the annual Report on Energy Supply and Demand in Canada from Statistics Canada, the annual report from the Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation, reports produced by the Canadian Industrial Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre at Simon Fraser University and NRCan’s Energy Use Data Handbook and Energy Efficiency Trends in Canada.

Figure 1 illustrates how Canada’s secondary energy consumption5 of the residential, agricultural, commercial and institutional, industrial and transportation sectors was distributed in 2009. Total energy use by the industrial sector accounted for 29.3 percent of the total secondary energy use in Canada. The Manufacturing industries accounted for the largest share of energy in the industrial sector (65.9 percent).

Figure 1. Canada’s secondary energy consumption by sector, 2009

Figure 1. Canada’s secondary energy consumption by sector, 2009.

This report was prepared by Diane Friendly, of the Demand Policy and Analysis Division of the OEE. Samuel Blais was the project manager, and overall direction was provided by Andrew Kormylo. An electronic version of this report is available at OEE’s Web site at

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Note to readers: Statistics Canada regularly revises the ICE survey estimates to improve their quality constantly. Therefore, some of the results in this report may differ slightly from previous versions. Due to rounding, the numbers in this summary report may not add up to the totals shown in the tables or to 100 percent, where applicable.

1 Although entitled the Industrial Consumption of Energy (ICE) survey, data published from the ICE survey do not cover the entire industrial sector, but rather the Manufacturing portion only. Indeed, mining (including oil and gas extraction), forestry and construction are not included in the ICE survey estimates, because several data initiatives already gather information on these sectors.
2 See Appendix A, Glossary, for a more in-depth description.
3 See Appendix B, North American Industry Classification System.
4 See Appendix A, Glossary, for a definition and Appendix B, North American Industry Classification System, for details.
5 The energy used by final consumers in various sectors of the economy.

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