2009 Canadian Vehicle Survey Summary Report


The Canadian Vehicle Survey (CVS) is a quarterly survey of vehicle transportation activities in Canada. Before the CVS was created, few empirically-based estimates existed for the number of vehicle-kilometres (VKM) and passenger-kilometres (PKM) travelled on Canadian roads.

Since 2004, Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has co-sponsored the CVS in collaboration with Transport Canada and Statistics Canada. Through the analysis of the CVS data, NRCan attempts to shed light on the characteristics of Canada's vehicle fleet and patterns in vehicle use and fuel consumption.

In 2010, Transport Canada and NRCan decided to change the method for collecting CVS data. Statistics Canada did not join the redesign project because of the modifications requested by the partner organizations. Consequently, the 2009 data collected by Statistics Canada for the CVS will be the last annual data that will be produced by Statistics Canada.

Transport Canada, NRCan and Environment Canada are now working toward the 2011 Canadian Vehicle Use Study.

This summary report was prepared by Tami van Wyk and Samuel Blais of the Demand Policy and Analysis Division of the Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE). Overall direction of the project was provided by Andrew Kormylo.

For more information on programs and for the tools, free publications and other resources to help conserve energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, visit NRCan's OEE Web site at oee.nrcan.gc.ca.

Contents of this report

The 2009 Canadian Vehicle Survey Summary Report offers a review and analysis of select key data from the 2009 survey. Similar information and analysis are in the two previous summary reports: 2007 Canadian Vehicle Survey Summary Report and 2008 Canadian Vehicle Survey Update Report.

Chapter 1 describes the key characteristics of Canada's on-road vehicle fleet, while Chapter 2 highlights the regional differences of the fleet across Canada.

Chapters 3 and 4 present data on the light vehicle fleet and the medium and heavy truck fleet, respectively.

Annexes A and B describe the methodology employed by the CVS. All data used to create the figures in this report are summarized in Annex C, and Annex D contains a glossary.

Note to readers: Due to rounding, the numbers in this summary report may not add up to the totals shown in the tables or to 100 percent, where applicable.