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Combined space and domestic water heating system (Select a New Product)

Combined space and domestic water heating systems found in this database have been tested by a third party accredited by the Standards Council of Canada according to CSA P.9 “Test Method for Determining the Performance of Combined Space and Water Heating Systems (Combos).”

The efficiency of a combined space and water heating system is measured by a value called the Thermal Performance Factor (TPF), which is the sum of annual thermal outputs delivered by the combo for space heating and water heating divided by the total thermal energy inputs needed to produce each component load. Choose a model that is properly sized for your application, with the highest TPF, as these systems are the most efficient.

Natural Resources Canada is not responsible for ensuring that the configuration of components of a system listed in this database is appropriate. Data provided is obtained from an external testing agency; contact the manufacturer for additional information and specifications.

Natural Resources Canada is not responsible for ensuring that the configuration of a system does not void the warranty of one or more of the components. Any questions regarding possible warranty concerns should be brought to the attention of the manufacturer of each component or the authority having jurisdiction.

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A note on model numbers

The asterisk ( * ) and number sign ( # ) often accompany model numbers. These symbols indicate a particular series of brand models that have the same energy performance features. For example, if models 1234AG, 1234BG and 1234CG have the same features and EnerGuide ratings, these models may be listed as 1234**. The asterisk and number sign indicate features or codes that do not affect energy consumption (i.e. the colour of the appliance).

A note on internal stock numbers (SKUs) or model number on your sales receipt

Unfortunately in some instances, the model number on your sales receipt may not match up to a model number in our listing, because the number on your sales receipt is the retailer's internal stock number (SKU). Retailers, manufacturers, rebating agencies and NRCan work together to match these stock numbers to the model numbers. If your sales receipt has a SKU, if possible, indicate on your rebating form the model number you find on the nameplate of your appliance.

ENERGY STAR rebate claims rejected by rebating agencies

If, after consulting the NRCan listing, you feel you were rejected unfairly, you should deal directly with rebating agencies. They should be able to let you know why or what model they matched it to that was not qualified. As the NRCan list is a current listing of models on the market, rebating agencies have lists of older qualified and non-qualified models upon which they base their decisions.

These agencies will typically contact NRCan if they get more than one claim for a model that they cannot find in the NRCan listing because this suggests that the NRCan has not yet received an energy-efficiency report for the model as required by Canada's Energy Efficiency Act and Regulations. If this is the case, they may hold on to your claim until NRCan can provide them with information on the model's ENERGY STAR status in Canada. However they may send it back to you, and you can usually resubmit your claim when the model is listed with NRCan and/or there is new SKU information to permit the agency to make a model match.

NRCan only lists current models on the searchable Web listing

Models that manufacturers have indicated as no longer in the marketplace are not normally listed on the NRCan searchable Web listing. However, to facilitate ENERGY STAR rebate programs, qualified models are listed for another six months. To find older models, check with rebating agencies.

ENERGY STAR performance levels can change

To ensure that the ENERGY STAR symbol demonstrates that the product is among the most energy efficient of its kind on the market, ENERGY STAR performance levels change over time. For example, ENERGY STAR performance requirements for clothes washers were increased in January 1, 2004, and will increase again in January 1, 2007. This means that clothes washers that were previously ENERGY STAR qualified can no longer be sold as ENERGY STAR qualified unless they meet the new more-stringent requirements. Check with rebating agencies to learn more about how they are implementing their rebate program.

Energy Efficiency Criteria
Thermal Performance Factor:
Range: 0.72 to 0.98

Product Specific Criteria

Input Rating (kW):
Range: 24.6 to 58.5

Input Rating (Btu/h):
Range: 83,939 to 199,900

Space Heating Capacity (kW):
Range: 5.2 to 27.6

Space Heating Capacity (Btu/h):
Range: 17,868 to 94,371