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TDS Dixon Inc.

Stephen Dixon, Bachelor of Science – Physics, Master of Applied Science – Systems Design Engineering

Stephen Dixon is a freelance energy consultant. As Principal of TdS Dixon Inc. of St. Jacobs, Ontario, he brings a practical, hands-on approach to the challenge of developing the energy management capacities of a broad range of institutional, commercial and industrial organizations. Stephen has accumulated more than 32 years of energy management experience, including more than 600 energy audits and the facilitation of more than 1200 energy management workshops. Stephen holds a Master of Applied Science Degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo and a Bachelor of Science Degree in Physics from the University of Prince Edward Island.

Garth J. White, Certified Energy Manager

Garth White is an international freelance energy management coach. He has served a diverse portfolio of long-time clients, including government agencies, energy suppliers and market authorities, in the development of effective demand side management and conservation programs. Garth has coached hundreds of energy end-users toward the integration of sustainable energy management best practices. He has participated in more than 250 energy end-use and management system assessments and facilitated more than 1250 energy management workshops spanning three continents. In 2000, Garth was awarded Certified Energy Manager (CEM) accreditation by the Association of Energy Engineers, of which he was also designated a Life Member.

George Holland, Certified Management Accountant

George Holland held three concurrent roles with DuPont Canada as: Vice-President and Treasurer - DuPont Realty Inc. (DuPont’s commercial real estate subsidiary); Chief Financial Officer - TMH Logistics Inc. (DuPont’s logistics, warehousing & transportation subsidiary); and Corporate Risk Manager (insurance), when he retired from DuPont Canada in 2004 after 32 years in accounting and finance roles at the plant, division and corporate levels. Working closely with Pierre Chantraine, George co-developed DuPont's Master Energy Service Agreement, which provided for more than $50 million in “zero balance sheet impact” energy infrastructure renewal financing using a third-party energy performance contract (EPC) structure. George holds a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with a Major in Finance and was accredited as a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in 1980.

Pierre M.R. Chantraine, Degree in Chemical Engineering

Pierre Chantraine holds a Degree in Chemical Engineering from Queen’s University. He gained varied and extensive experience in manufacturing management during his 39-year career at DuPont Canada Inc. In the last 15 years, Pierre was responsible for energy and environment at the company's Kingston site and also led the company's energy management work. Between 1998 and 2004, he helped to negotiate a large energy-performance contract resulting in investments of more than $50 million in energy conservation projects at five company locations. Since retiring in 2004, Pierre has been active in energy management consulting in Canada, the U.S. and South Africa. He is a trainer for the Dollars to $ense workshops of Natural Resources Canada with the TdS Dixon team and has designed and facilitated many management workshops related to the energy field.

Lauri Gregg, Professional Engineer, Certified Practitioner Energy Management Systems

Lauri Gregg is currently the Principal of LCG Energy Management Group, which provides consulting services in the areas of energy management planning, ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems (EnMS) standard implementation, energy/GHG management business process and technical system development, energy performance analysis, energy performance improvement opportunity identification, and energy management training. Previously, Lauri spent 12 years as the Director of Energy Management for Falconbridge Limited before retiring after 39 years of service with the company. As Director of Energy at Falconbridge Ltd., he led the implementation of site energy management plans, as well as the development of energy/GHG emissions control methodologies and business processes at global facilities. Lauri is currently a member of the CAN/CSA ISO 50001 EnMS standard technical committee, and has acted as the senior consultant on six successful ISO 50001 implementations to date. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, and recently has been registered as a Certified Practitioner Energy Management Systems – Institute for Energy Management Professionals.

Steven M. Taylor, Commissioning Process Provider (QCxP), Real Property Administrator (RPA), Certified Energy Manager (CEM), LEED® Accredited Professional Operations and Management (LEED® AP O&M), and Marine and Stationary Operating Engineer

Steven Taylor is the Principal and Founder of HRCx Building Services, the dedicated commissioning division of Hidi Rae Consulting Engineers. His interest in commissioning began in merchant shipping as a Marine Engineer involved in sea trials and ship construction. After transitioning to shore-based commercial property management, Steven became interested in the reasons why relatively straight-forward building systems consistently fail to perform at acceptable levels. Following 10 years in property management during which he worked with engineers to improve operator education, Steven moved into consulting. In this role, he is dedicated to providing property owners with a benchmark for new building performance, as well as solutions for improving existing building performance. Projects he has worked on include the Grantley Adams International Airport in Barbados, the BMO Barrie Computer Centre in Barrie, Ontario, the BMO Meadowvale Call Centre in Mississauga, Ontario, and the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Expansion in Toronto, Ontario. Steven is the lead instructor for the Certified Energy Auditor program in Canada, and is on the team of instructors delivering the Building Operator Certification course.

Marc-André Comeau, Professional Engineer, Master of Applied Science

Marc-André Comeau is president of M.A. Comeau Consultant Inc., a company focused on energy management and process optimization. Marc-André is an industrial engineer with a Master’s Degree in Engineering focused on energy conversion who, over 25 years, accumulated a unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience. Early in his career, Marc-André was an instructor for the New Brunswick Community Colleges where he developed and taught courses for their Power Engineering and Building Mechanics programs. Then he became energy manager for Noranda Mining where he was instrumental in reducing their energy cost of one of their largest mines by more than $1 million per year. He also worked as an energy marketer and a development engineer with Brascan Power (now Brookfield Renewable Power) before becoming director of energy services for SNC Lavalin O&M. During that time, Marc-André led the retro-commissioning team that performed numerous audits, mainly for large buildings in Ontario. He then accepted a position with ICF Marbek as manager where he conducted multiple energy assessments and audits and assisted in the development of energy plans for industrial facilities in the food, textile, furniture manufacturing, pulp & paper, upstream oil & gas, steel and other sectors.

Golder Associates

Catherine Thorn, Energy Management Specialist, Certified Implementing Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001)

As an Energy Management Specialist, Catherine Thorn has assisted clients in the institutional, industrial and commercial sectors with energy strategy, energy efficiency and demand management projects. Her experience includes energy planning, strategic consulting, feasibility studies, audits of energy efficiency projects, concept design, and mechanical design. Catherine has also managed the financial analysis, including lifecycle assessments with sensitivity performed on key variables, for a variety of energy projects. In addition to her technical background in mechanical engineering, Catherine holds a degree in Business from the Richard Ivey School of Business and is knowledgeable in business strategy and strategic energy management. She also holds a Certificate in Implementing Energy Management Systems (ISO 50001).

Derek Satnik, Professional Engineer, LEED® Accredited Professional Managing Partner and Chief Innovation Officer

Derek Satnik is an Electrical Engineer by trade and has worked in the consulting industry in various roles since 1999, most notably with Stantec Consulting, Enermodal Engineering, and now Mindscape Innovations Group. Derek is a respected leader in Ontario and Canada’s green building and green energy sectors, having helped Mindscape earn 15 awards since 2007, and with personal experience ranging from designing some of Canada’s most advanced green building projects, to helping author many of Canada's leading green building programs (including LEED®, BUILT GREEN, Net-Zero, and many more) and Ontario’s Green Energy and Green Economy Act. Derek is a respected industry leader in community energy planning, in wind and solar energy, in energy auditing, energy/sustainability program design and deployment, related government policy efforts, public engagement, training, and more. Derek directs Mindscape’s leadership team.

Klas Bockasten, Professional Engineer, Associate Energy Management Services Leader

Klas Bockasten has 30 years of experience in the industrial, commercial and infrastructure sectors as Project Manager and Senior Engineer. He has completed a variety of building projects, utility systems, industrial processes and power generation and brings in-depth expertise in energy, water and resource usage within various facilities. With strategic energy management planning expertise with industrial and municipal clients he has been involved with management of change to influence energy behaviour. With extensive experience in industrial engineering, he has proven engineering expertise in feasibility studies, capital and operating cost estimating, preliminary and detailed design, contract administration and the project management of complex industrial and infrastructure projects. Klas has earned a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Technology in Lund, Sweden, and is a registered Professional Engineer in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia.

Micah Jarvis, Certified Measurement and Verification Professional, LEED® Accredited Professional, Professional Engineer, Energy Services Manager

As a Mechanical Engineer, Micah Jarvis has an extensive background in project management, in energy and water efficiency, renewable energy, and water treatment. Micah manages Mindscape’s energy services group and supervises a portfolio of activities that varies from energy audits and asset management to feasibility or scoping of new energy projects. With a background in critical problem solving, technical communication, and diverse experience from industrial process-engineering to hospitals, schools, and homes, Micah has the depth to traverse many difficult topics and sensitive environments, and thrives on helping his clients succeed.

Enerscan Consultants Ltd.

Pat Gardner, Senior Engineer – P.A. Gardner Engineering AssociatesPat Gardner, Senior Engineer – P.A. Gardner Engineering Associates

Pat Gardner is a Senior Engineer responsible for all aspects of building energy audits, building condition audits, investigations and studies with architectural, structural, mechanical and electrical engineering input as well as building design projects including project management and construction supervision. He has conducted hundreds of energy audits and monitoring programs in hospitals, schools, universities, commercial buildings and recreational facilities. These investigations have led to significant energy and monetary savings that have also prolonged the operational life of mechanical and electrical equipment.

Dale Robertson, Professional Engineer, Certified Management Consultant

Dale Robertson became a Professional Engineer in 1980 and a Certified Management Consultant in 1992. He has worked in the field of energy management for almost 30 years. Through his consulting firm, Enerscan Consultants Ltd., he has overseen energy audits on thousands of facilities including manufacturing, multiple unit residential, commercial, industrial, primary industry, institutional and all other forms of facilities. His work in policy for Canada’s north, Africa and Canada has contributed to the advancement of energy management on a global scale. Dale has trained more than 2500 people in a variety of technical, managerial and inspirational courses in energy management. Dale has been involved in a variety of sports including running, sailing and skiing. He is an avid volunteer in many areas and is a Past President of Engineers Nova Scotia. He was honoured with a lifetime achievement award for leadership in energy management by Efficiency Nova Scotia in 2012.

David C. Stewart, Senior Mechanical/Energy Engineer, Accredited Professional, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®)

David Stewart is the President of the David C. Stewart & Associates Inc. and a Senior Mechanical/Energy Engineer, with more than 30 years of experience in district energy system reviews, energy audits, energy planning, energy policy development, and energy training. He is an accredited professional, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) and is also a member of Sustainable Buildings Canada (SBC) Assessment Committee of Green Globes. As a peer reviewer with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, David evaluated 18 applications for the Green Municipal Fund in the period from 2003 to 2005. He has extensive experience with the program and recently provided key input to a prefeasibility study for District Energy using waste heat from the NSPI Biomass Boiler in Port Hawkesbury. He was one of the first engineering consultants to offer energy modelling services under the ecoEnergy Project (formally the Commercial Building Incentive Program) and has more than 30 projects approved under that program. He also has considerable experience in energy analysis, energy modelling and simulation for Underground Thermal Energy Storage (UTES) systems. He is thoroughly familiar with energy modelling software.

Ian B. Storey, Professional Engineer

Ian Storey is the founder and President of I.B. Storey Inc., an independent energy consulting firm. I.B. Storey Inc. provides expert energy management advice for the design and implementation of energy projects in new and existing facilities. Over the past 15 years, Ian has developed a strong reputation for being an industry expert in recreational and industrial refrigeration systems. Ian is dedicated to helping clients improve their facilities’ performance by maximizing energy efficiency opportunities and reducing operating costs while maintaining or improving service levels. Ian is a seasoned and trusted presenter and has facilitated energy management workshops for a variety of public and private clients including; the Ontario Recreational Facilities Association (ORFA), the Serving the American Rinks association (STAR), and the Saskatchewan Parks and Recreation Association (SPRA). In 2011, Ian was the recipient of the Don Harrison Energy Champion Award for his outstanding commitment to energy management in Ontario’s recreational facilities. Ian is licensed in Ontario, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia.

Prism Engineering Ltd.

Robert Greenwald, Professional Engineer, Masters of Business Administration (Lead Trainer)

Robert Greenwald’s 20-year career has been focused on energy management. As President of Prism Engineering Ltd., he has developed high level energy action plans, determined energy management opportunities for electrical and mechanical systems, designed upgrades of HVAC and lighting systems, and has acted as an Energy Coach to support and sustain organizational Energy Management programs. He has completed hundreds of energy audits of commercial and institutional facilities and has presented more than 200 Dollars to $ense workshops over the last ten years, including workshops for organizations in health care, hospitality, office buildings, education, and industrial sectors. Robert holds a Master of Business Administration Degree and a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Brian O'Donnell, Professional Engineer (Lead Trainer)

Brian O’Donnell’s experience in energy management includes 30 years of improving building efficiency, comfort, and operational costs. As Principal of Prism Engineering Ltd., he is a pioneer of energy performance contracts in Canada, having designed one of the first, implemented by the Waterloo County Board of Education in 1985. Brian has prepared and presented over 120 full-day energy management workshops for nearly 1500 building operators, managers, and maintenance personnel. He is the past chairman of GPC-4 of ASHRAE Technical Committee 1.7 (Building Operations Management), the past President of ASHRAE British Columbia, and the past President of the local Association of Energy Engineers chapter. Brian holds a Bachelor of Applied Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Iram Green, Energy Engineer (Engineer-in-Training, Assistant Trainer)

Iram Green is involved in all aspects of utility analysis and provides support for energy audits, analyses and evaluations of energy savings. He also carries out site reviews of installations and provides conceptual mechanical design and specifications for energy retrofits. His background in feasibility and risk analysis studies, combined with his keen interest in sustainability and energy efficiency, make him a valuable part of the energy team at Prism.

Sam Thomas, Energy Management Professional (Assistant Trainer)

Sam Thomas’ background in energy management includes a broad spectrum of energy audits on commercial, industrial and institutional facilities. His experience also extends to feasibility studies of renewable energy technologies including solar and biomass, as well as detailed analysis of electricity and fuel tariffs. Sam has worked alongside clients to provide on-going energy management support, including continual monitoring, targeting and reporting to maximize energy savings and emission reductions.

French Workshop Trainers

TST Energy Systems Inc.

Sebastiano DePani, Engineer, Master of Applied Sciences, Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)

Sebastiano DePani is an energy engineer and team leader for simulation and training services at TST Energy Systems Inc. For over 20 years, Sebastiano has assisted clients with the control and optimization of their energy costs. He has delivered over a hundred workshops dealing with energy management and energy simulation software. In addition, he often participates as a speaker, consultant and/or analyst for numerous organizations. Sebastiano received Hydro Québec’s Excellence MIEUX CONSOMMER award in 2009 in the consultant category. He holds a Master of Applied Science Degree from Concordia University.

Dino Gerbasi, Engineer, Master of Applied Sciences

Dino Gerbasi is a building engineer and Director General for the Montreal office of Ameresco Canada. Dino began his career as an engineer in 1991, specializing in building sciences and energy efficiency for SIRICON. Soon after, he developed an interest for building operations, and eventually took part in projects pertaining to energy optimization, capital planning and the development of software based on life-cycle costing. Since joining Ameresco Canada in March 2010, he has been overseeing energy performance contracts and the development of Asset Planner software for tracking building performance and planning capital investments. Dino holds a Master's Degree in Applied Sciences.

Ian Ball, Master of Applied Sciences, LEED® Accredited Professional, Certified Building Commissioning Professional (CBCP)

Ian Ball is a building engineer and team leader of commissioning services at TST Energy Systems Inc. He started his career in 1991 as a construction engineer in Hong Kong. In 1994, he returned to Quebec and continued his career as a project manager on heat recovery projects and was involved in their design, installation, load calculations, controls, commissioning and monitoring. Between 2004 and 2011, Ian worked on numerous projects dealing with energy efficiency, commissioning and LEED® certification. Since joining TST in 2011, Ian is responsible for commissioning and recommissioning services. He holds a Master's Degree in Applied Sciences.

Benoit Beauchamp, Ph.D., Engineer, Certified Energy Manager, Certified Measurement and Verification Professional (CMVP)

Benoit Beauchamp is a Project Manager at TST Energy Systems Inc. Benoit holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from l’École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and he has more than ten years of teaching and research experience at the university level and for the Réseau des ingénieurs du Québec. He has realized numerous research projects for industry partners relating to energy efficiency, heat transfer, instrumentation and testing.