CanMOST: The Canadian Motor Selection Tool

Choosing an energy-efficient industrial motor can dramatically reduce the energy consumption and utility cost of running a motor-driven system over its lifetime. Analysing the costs and benefits of different motors can be complicated, but CanMOST – the Canadian Motor Selection Tool – now makes the job simpler.

Launched in June 2004, CanMOST is a software program that analyses and compares the efficiency of three-phase electric motors. With its database of over 43 000 motors, CanMOST calculates energy and electrical demand savings so you can make the most energy-efficient and cost-effective choice when it comes to buying motors for your industrial application. CanMOST allows you to:

  • calculate energy and demand savings
  • predict energy and cost savings when replacing a failed or standard-efficiency motor
  • identify inefficient or oversized motors in your facility
  • select the best available premium-efficiency motor for a given application
  • compare operating costs of various motors
  • calculate the rate of return on a motor investment
  • calculate annual greenhouse gas emissions reductions

CanMOST is tailored for Canadian industry. It offers:

  • a bilingual user interface
  • a database that includes some 575-volt motors that are available only in Canada
  • calculations that reflect Canadian utility rate structures
  • calculations expressed in Canadian dollars

Who is CanMOST for?

CanMOST is for anyone involved in designing, purchasing, operating and maintaining electrical drive systems:

  • designers and engineers
  • plant managers and energy managers
  • electrical utilities staff
  • electrical maintenance service staff
  • electric motor dealers and sales staff
  • personnel concerned with installing, replacing and/or repairing electric motors

CanMOST technical fact sheet

Learn more from the CanMOST technical fact sheet. (HTML | PDF)

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