CanMOST: Detailed Contents

Detailed Contents

CanMOST is the Canadian version of IMSSA (International Motor Selection and Savings Analysis) software, an international version of the successful MotorMaster+, developed by the U.S. motor
energy-management software Washington State University Extension Energy Program. Sponsors of the IMSSA project include the International Copper Association, the United States Department of Energy, Action Energy (Carbon Trust), the European Commission's Joint Research Centre, the National Copper Corporation of Chile and Natural Resources Canada.

CanMOST is easy to learn and use. It incorporates many window-display and management features, such as buttons, tabs that separate information screens, toolbar commands and convenient menus. CanMOST also offers on-screen help features. CanMOST's database comprises:

  • data on 25 000 North American motors
  • the European Database of Efficient Electric Motor Systems (EuroDEEM), with 18 000 European motors
  • data on some 575-volt motors that are available only in Canada

Select a motor

Use CanMOST's Motor Selector module to obtain a list of motors that suit your application. Available motors are listed in descending order of their full-load efficiency.

Analyse motor savings

The Motor Savings Analysis module considers three motor procurement scenarios:

  • purchasing a new motor
  • repairing versus purchasing
  • replacing an operable motor

The savings are expressed in terms of amount of electricity used, dollar savings and predicted annual reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Best available motors

CanMOST selects the best available motor based on your specified ratings and other descriptors. The top 10 motors are ranked in ascending order in terms of simple payback and in descending order of rate of return on investment.

Life-cycle cost

CanMOST determines the simple payback or before- or after-tax return on investment in an energy efficiency motor project. The software also displays cash flows, net present value, the benefit-to-cost ratio and rate of return.

Motor catalogue

CanMOST's catalogue contains a wide variety of general-purpose and definite-purpose motors. Motor classes and features include:

  • oil-well pumpers (NEMA Design D motors)
  • high-starting torque or conveyor-drive motors (NEMA Design C motors)
  • IEC or metric-frame motors (for 60-Hz operation)
  • motors with explosion-proof enclosures
  • C-faced motors
  • U-frame or automotive-duty motors
  • vertical shaft motors
  • close-coupled pump motors
  • IEEE-841 petroleum and chemical duty motors
  • washdown or cleanup duty motors
  • severe-duty/extra-tough/corrosion-resistant motors
  • inverter duty motors (variable torque, constant torque and vector drive)

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