Fuel Consumption Report

To help you compare vehicles from different model years, fuel consumption ratings for 1995 to 2014 vehicles have been adjusted to reflect 5-cycle testing. Note that these are approximate values that were generated from the original ratings, not from vehicle testing.


Fuel Consumption Ratings
City L/100 km 12.9
Highway L/100 km 9.0
Combined L/100 km 11.2
Original Ratings for 1995-2014 Vehicles
City L/100 km
Highway L/100 km
Combined L/100 km

Vehicle Specifications
Model Year 2018
Class SUV: Standard
Engine Size (L) 3.6
Cylinders 6
Transmission AS9
Fuel regular gasoline

Related Information
Annual Fuel Cost $2285
CO2 Emissions ( g/km ) 263

Class 17 / 103
Overall 651 / 1083


Rankings do not include plug-in hybrid electric or battery electric vehicles.