Fuel Consumption Report

To help you compare vehicles from different model years, fuel consumption ratings for 1995 to 2014 vehicles have been adjusted to reflect 5-cycle testing. Note that these are approximate values that were generated from the original ratings, not from vehicle testing.


Fuel Consumption Ratings
City mpg (U.S.) 22
Highway mpg (U.S.) 31
Combined mpg (U.S.) 25
Original Ratings for 1995-2014 Vehicles
City mpg (U.S.)
Highway mpg (U.S.)
Combined mpg (U.S.)

Vehicle Specifications
Model Year 2016
Class Pickup truck: Small
Engine Size (L) 2.8
Cylinders 4
Transmission A6
Fuel diesel

Related Information
Annual Fuel Cost $1899
CO2 Emissions ( g/km ) 252

Class 1 / 26
Overall 371 / 1098


Rankings do not include plug-in hybrid electric or battery electric vehicles.