Table 2a – Energy consumption of arenas by energy source, 2014
Energy source Arenas Floor space
# QI millions of m2 QI Share (%)
Electricity only 54 A 0.23 A 2.0
Electricity and natural gas only 507 A 3.15 A 26.8
Electricity and propane only 276 A 1.06 A 9.0
Electricity and other combined sources 36 A 0.13 A 1.1
Electricity, natural gas and other combined 89 A 0.74 A 6.3
Electricity, natural gas and propane 896 A 4.70 A 40.0
Electricity, propane and other combined 209 A 0.79 A 6.7
All (electricity, natural gas, propane and other combined) 113 A 0.95 A 8.1
Total* 2,182 A 11.76 A 100.0


*1 arena has been removed from the total due to confidentiality.

(1) Due to rounding, numbers may not add up to the total shown, and some numbers may differ from one table to the next.
(2) Quality indicators (QI) classify each estimate according to its quality as follows: A–Excellent, B–Good, C–Acceptable, F–Unreliable, and X–suppressed due to confidentiality.

Source: Survey of Energy Consumption of Arenas 2014.