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BC Hydro - Business Customers - Industrial

  1. Strategic Energy Management - Energy Monitoring & Targeting

    An energy manager will work with one of BC Hydro's service providers to develop targets for a facility's energy use and a proposal for a system to help it meet those targets. Once the proposal is approved, BC Hydro will provide up to $80,000 in funding...
  2. Strategic Energy Management - Industrial Cohort

    BC Hydro offers a two year program delivered by an energy expert through a cohort - a group of diverse industrial customers - that will provide opportunities for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing about building strategic energy management into a business....
  3. Strategic Energy Management - Industrial Energy Manager

    This Program provides advanced funding to hire an energy manager to develop and implement a Strategic Energy Management Plan. The Program includes:
    • up to 75 percent salary funding for 2 years
    • 100 percent of the cost for management coaching
    • 100 perce...
  4. Strategic Energy Management - Operational Energy Analytics

    This Program provides a fully-funded energy consultant to analyze a facility's energy usage in order to help reduce waste and cut costs by recommending low or no-cost operational changes. The audit will focus on lighting, HVAC (heating and cooling), ai...

BC Hydro - Local Government & District Energy

  1. Sustainable Communities Program

    This Program helps local governments meet the challenges of energy and GHG reductions by providing a range of services, including
    • funding to hire an energy manager
    • expertise and funding to develop the Community Energy and Emissions Plan
    • expertise ...

Built Green Canada

  1. Built Green Program

    The primary purpose of Built Green Canada is to encourage and enable the use of practices, technologies, and products within the residential building sector that will:
    • provide greater energy efficiency and reduce pollution and waste;
    • provide healthi...

City of Kamloops

  1. See the Heat Program

    This Program provides homeowners the opportunity to take home a thermal imaging camera that connects to their smart phone to learn more about the energy efficiency of their home. The camera allows them to see how well their house is insulated, how wel...


  1. Energy Coach Service

    The Energy Coach is a free coaching service for homeowners and commercial building owners and managers in B.C. Energy Coaches are trained energy efficiency specialists who provide building-science based information about the options and opportunities t...

FortisBC - Business

  1. Energy Specialist Funding

    This Program funds energy specialist positions to work with large commercial natural gas customers on projects that will result in significant energy savings.
  2. Rental Apartment Efficiency

    This Program helps apartment building managers and property owners make simple changes to their building to save money, energy and water and improve tenant comfort. A building energy assessment with engineering consultants will help identify no- and lo...