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BC Hydro - Local Government & District Energy

  1. Sustainable Communities Program

    This Program helps local governments meet the challenges of energy and GHG reductions by providing a range of services, including
    • funding to hire an energy manager
    • expertise and funding to develop the Community Energy and Emissions Plan
    • expertise ...

City of Nelson

  1. EcoSave Energy Retrofits Program

    EcoSave is an energy retrofits program that offers on-bill financing to residents and businesses. Energy retrofits are upgrades which include upgrading insulation, reducing air leakage, and installing more efficient space and water heating systems. The...


  1. Better Buildings BC Program

    This Program is designed to support, promote and celebrate the design and construction of net-zero energy-ready buildings. It provides incentives to builders and developers of multi-family, commercial, and institutional buildings that are designed to a...
  2. Home Renovation Rebate and EfficiencyBC Program

    This Program provides rebates for improving a home's energy efficiency through select upgrades (including ENERGY STAR certified products), namely:
    • Insulation
    • Ductless heat pumps
    • Central heat pumps
    • Combination space and water heat pumps
    • Electr...

FortisBC - Business

  1. Air Curtain Rebates

    This Program provides rebates to industrial facilities on the installation of new air curtains on doors that are frequently open, to keep heated or conditioned air in and drafts out.
  2. Commercial Lighting Rebates for Non-Profit Organizations

    This Program offers non-profit organizations rebates on commercial energy-efficient lighting products (including ENERGY STAR certified products).
  3. Commercial New Construction Performance Incentives

    This Program provides incentives for larger, more complex buildings that achieve a higher whole-building energy performance than minimum levels required by the BC Building Code. It offers a clear incentive structure, accurate energy-saving estimates an...
  4. Commercial Performance Program for Existing Buildings

    This Program provides several types of funding to help identify and then implement cost-effective energy conservation measures that are tailored to a building. It provides funding for both natural gas and electricity energy-efficiency projects.
  5. Compressed Air Equipment Rebates

    This Program provides rebates to industrial and commercial facilities on upgrading compressed air equipment, which helps improve compressor efficiency and system reliability, keep air clean and dry, and save electricity costs.
  6. Direct Contact Water Heater Rebate

    This Program offers rebates on direct contact water heaters to help laundry facilities, food processors, dairy operations, concrete plants, greenhouses and other industries keep up with demand for hot water and keep natural gas costs down.