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BC Hydro - Business Customers - Industrial

  1. Energy Studies & Audits - Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study

    This Program provides participants with a detailed report concerning everything needed to build a solid business case for efficiency upgrades including:
    • assessment of options;
    • estimated savings;
    • implementation costs.
    The Program also offers busines...
  2. Energy Studies & Audits - Plant-wide Audit

    An energy efficiency expert will review the consumption history of a facility, examine the facility and all of its process systems, and provide a comprehensive report that summarizes the audit results and recommendations. The facility owner can receive...
  3. Project Incentives - Distribution

    This Program provides funding, to a maximum of $500,000, for energy efficiency upgrade projects, including design, equipment, installation, disposal and taxes.
  4. Project Incentives - New Plant Design

    This Program provides funding and design expertise to design an energy efficient plant or expansion from the ground up.
  5. Project Incentives - Self-Serve Incentive Program

    The Self-Serve Incentive Program online application process allows participants to apply for incentives for eligible compressed air and lighting retrofits. Incentives cover up to 75 percent of project costs.
  6. Project Incentives - Transmission

    Program funding covers design, equipment, installation, disposal and taxes. The maximum incentive is calculated based on the amount of electricity that a project will save over its projected lifetime (to a maximum 10 year lifespan), at a base rate of $...
  7. Strategic Energy Management - Energy Monitoring & Targeting

    An energy manager will work with one of BC Hydro's service providers to develop targets for a facility's energy use and a proposal for a system to help it meet those targets. Once the proposal is approved, BC Hydro will provide up to $80,000 in funding...
  8. Strategic Energy Management - Industrial Energy Manager

    This Program provides advanced funding to hire an energy manager to develop and implement a Strategic Energy Management Plan. The Program includes:
    • up to 75 percent salary funding for 2 years
    • 100 percent of the cost for management coaching
    • 100 perce...
  9. Strategic Energy Management - Operational Energy Analytics

    This Program provides a fully-funded energy consultant to analyze a facility's energy usage in order to help reduce waste and cut costs by recommending low or no-cost operational changes. The audit will focus on lighting, HVAC (heating and cooling), ai...
  10. Strategic Energy Management - Regional Energy Manager

    This Program provides 100 percent funding for a site visit from an energy consultant to analyze a business' energy consumption data and help identify and implement operational savings opportunities.