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Government of Yukon, Energy, Mines and Resources

  1. Refrigerator Retirement Program

    This Program encourages the "retirement" of old and inefficient refrigerators. Its purpose is to remove the appliances from the electrical grid to reduce energy demand on the grid and to save Yukoners money by reducing electrical bills. The refrigerato...

Hydro One

  1. First Nations Conservation Program

    This Program offers a number of First Nations communities energy-efficient upgrades for products designed to add comfort and increase efficiency at zero cost. Residents in eligible communities receive a free home energy assessment and no-charge install...


  1. Energy Efficiency Retrofit Program for Low-Income Households

    The objective of this program is to lower the energy bills of community housing complexes through implementation of general energy-saving measures. Rebates are offered on measures such as installation of ENERGY STAR certified windows and patio doors, i...

Independent Electricity System Operator


    This Program offers qualified Ontario homeowners with ways to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. It includes a detailed in-home energy assessment, professional installation of energy-saving measures (including ENERGY STAR® certified LED ligh...

Manitoba Hydro

  1. Energy Finance Plan

    The Energy Finance Plan is a convenient, on-bill financing for upgrades to gas and electrical systems and is available to Manitoba Hydro residential, small commercial, farm, and seasonal customers. All work must be performed by a qualified electrician ...
  2. Home Energy Efficiency Loan

    This loan is a financing option for homeowners wanting to implement energy-efficient measures to their homes. The loan covers upgrades for:
    • windows and doors;
    • residential space heating equipment;
    • insulation;
    • air leakage sealing;
    • ventilation;
    • resi...
  3. Pay-As-You-Save (PAYS) Financing Program

    This Program offers extended term financing for energy efficiency upgrades (space heating equipment, insulation, water heating equipment and toilets).
  4. Residential Earth Power Loan - for Cold Climate Air Source Heat Pumps

    This Program assists homeowners with the cost of installing an ENERGY STAR® certified cold climate air source heat pump with a variable capacity compressor, rated to provide heat at temperatures of at least -25°C. The home must be currently heated with...
  5. Residential Earth Power Loan - for Geothermal Heat Pump System Installations

    This Program assists homeowners with the cost of installing a geothermal heat pump, which reduces a home's annual heating energy use by 50 to 70 percent, space cooling costs up to 40 percent and domestic water heating costs up to 25 percent. Financial ...
  6. Residential Earth Power Loan - for Solar Water Heaters

    Homeowners who install an approved solar water heating system may qualify for a Residential Earth Power Loan of up to $7,500 per residence.