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Location: Nova Scotia
Source: ALL
Sector: Commercial/Institutional
Program Types: Financial Incentive,Energy Management and Monitoring,Retrofit,New Construction,Rebate
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Efficiency Nova Scotia

  1. Affordable Housing

    This Program offers rebates of up to 80% on cost-effective energy saving upgrades for eligible rental properties and up to 100% for providers of rent-free housing such as shelters and transition houses.

    A no-cost energy audit will identify energy savi...
  2. Agriculture Program

    This Program offers rebates on high quality, efficient equipment, and identifies energy saving opportunities - helping a farming business run at peak performance.
  3. Commercial Buildings Rebates

    This Program offers incentives, financing and expert advice to help business upgrade to energy efficient products. Some of the benefits of efficiency include:
    • rebates on products such as HVAC, water systems, and lighting
    • help with custom services and...
  4. Energy Management Information System

    Efficiency Nova Scotia will arrange for the installation of special equipment to monitor and analyze energy performance that can then be used to make decisions and take action to save a business energy and money.

  5. Existing Building Commissioning

    This Program encourages restoring a business' building to peak condition by monitoring and analyzing energy performance. A qualified service provider reviews the business' operating documents, temperature settings, scheduling and equipment to ensure th...
  6. Heating System Rebates

    This Program offers rebates to upgrade to an efficient home heating system, i.e. heat pumps (including ENERGY STAR certified products), wood/pellet stoves, water heaters, and solar systems.
  7. Hospitality Program

    This Program offers incentives, financing and expert advice to help a hotel or restaurant business upgrade to energy efficient products, including heating, kitchen and refrigeration equipment.
  8. Institutions Program

    This Program offers rebates to help improve the energy efficiency of local rinks, arenas, schools, and universities. For example, the savings gained from a more efficient refrigeration control system could be used to upgrade a facility's outdated and e...
  9. Manufacturing Program

    Efficiency Nova Scotia has a range of programs, rebates and incentives that will help a manufacturing plant or business run more efficiently, including:
    • scoping studies that are customized to a business to help find energy saving opportunities
    • reba...
  10. Onsite Energy Management Program

    This Program provides a fully-funded, on-site energy manager to work within a business to help save energy and money. These specially trained experts will work with staff to:
    • improve energy-related activities
    • identify and obtain funding and financi...