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BC Hydro - Business Customers - Commercial

  1. Continuous Optimization

    This Program provides customer assistance to save energy and improve operations in large commercial buildings. The primary focus is on reducing the energy consumption of heating ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems by making improvements to ...
  2. Energy Management Assessment

    An Energy Management Assessment workshop involves:
    • a diagnostic workshop with senior management;
    • responding to a series of questions regarding energy management which produces a detailed report that highlights areas of opportunities within an organi...
  3. Energy Manager Program

    This Program helps organizations by subsidizing the compensation package of an Energy Manager. An Energy Manager identifies energy efficiency solutions, manages the implementation of energy saving projects, and implements organizational changes to adop...
  4. Leaders in Energy Management Program

    Commercial, government or institutional organizations that spend at least $200,000 annually on electricity are eligible for this program. Implementation funding is available to large commercial, government and institutional customers to reduce the capi...

BC Hydro - Business Customers - Industrial

  1. Energy Performance Contracts

    BC Hydro can help leaders in energy management with an energy performance contract project. An energy performance contract is an agreement with an energy service company that enables building owners to carry out infrastructure upgrades without financia...
  2. Energy Studies & Audits - End-Use Assessment

    Experts are available to visit client sites to conduct a detailed analysis and assess options to improve inefficiencies. Power Smart offers 100 percent funding of the assessment (some limits apply). Funding is available for detailed energy efficiency a...
  3. Energy Studies & Audits - Energy Efficiency Feasibility Study

    This Program provides participants with a detailed report concerning everything needed to build a solid business case for efficiency upgrades including:
    • assessment of options;
    • estimated savings;
    • implementation costs.
    The Program also offers busines...
  4. Energy Studies & Audits - Plant-wide Audit

    An energy efficiency expert will review the consumption history of a facility, examine the facility and all of its process systems, and provide a comprehensive report that summarizes the audit results and recommendations. The facility owner can receive...
  5. Strategic Energy Management - Employee Energy Awareness

    Power Smart provides a range of resources designed to encourage employee awareness around energy efficiency. A variety of free materials are available that can be used to remind, educate, and introduce new operational procedures. Downloadable materials...
  6. Strategic Energy Management - Energy Management Assessment

    This Program offers a free energy management scorecard and shows participants how their company ranks in energy efficiency across multiple areas. The program also indicates ways to improve their company's energy efficiency. A free three-hour on-site fa...