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Objectives and Description:

Property owners, managers and building operators can access the latest tools and best practices to improve building efficiency and receive up to $1500 off training costs with the BUILDING OPERATOR CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE.

Organizations can receive training and certification in order to optimize their energy use, extend the life of their building systems, and reduce operating and maintenance costs with the COMMISSIONING AGENT CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE. Qualifying professionals may receive incentives up to $1600 plus industry-recognized accreditation.

The CERTIFIED MEASUREMENT AND VERIFICATION PROFESSIONAL (CMVP) CERTIFICATION INCENTIVE provides business participants with industry-recognized training and certification needed to become an accredited evaluator. Qualifying professionals may receive incentives of up to $1000.

Large commercial and institutional buildings can benefit from having a fully-trained energy manager that can directly influence energy performance. Facilities can manage their energy use through the ENERGY MANAGER TRAINING INCENTIVE by tracking consumption, monitoring energy expenditures, and identifying savings opportunities. Qualifying professionals may receive training incentives up to $1600.

The saveONenergy programs are offered through local electric utilities and funded through the Independent Electricity System Operator.

Type of Program:

  • Awareness/Information
  • Financial Incentive
  • Training/Technical Assistance


  • Commercial/Institutional
  • Industrial
Date of Update: 21-11-2018

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