Program Details

Sustainable Communities Program

Objectives and Description:

This Program helps local governments meet the challenges of energy and GHG reductions by providing a range of services, including
  • funding to hire an energy manager
  • expertise and funding to develop the Community Energy and Emissions Plan
  • expertise and funding to facilitate a workshop
  • funding for energy experts to participate on the multi-disciplinary planning team and to provide data compilation, analysis and recommendations
  • funding to hire internship or student positions to help increase energy literacy, electricity savings and broader benefits to community
  • funding to jump start a project that will lead to electricity savings

    Type of Program:

    • Energy Management and Monitoring
    • Financial Incentive
    Date of Update: 21-11-2018

    For more information contact:

    BC Hydro - Local Government & District Energy
    (800) 224-9376

    Web address: