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Town of Banff Residential Rebates and Incentives - Water Use Reduction

Objectives and Description:

Residents of the Town of Banff may apply for rebates and incentives when reduce their water use to reduce their water bills and the energy used to bring them clean water. Rebates and incentives include the following:
  • Dual-flush Toilet Replacement - $100 post-purchase rebate
  • High-efficiency (4.8L or less) toilet replacement - $100 post-purchase rebate
  • 'ENERGY STAR Most Efficient' certified front-loading clothes washers - $100 post-purchase rebate
  • High-efficiency (ENERGY STAR certified) dishwasher replacement - $100 post-purchase rebate
  • Rain Barrels - $25 post-purchase rebate

Type of Program:

  • Awareness/Information
  • Financial Incentive
  • Rebate
  • Retrofit


  • Residential
Date of Update: 21-11-2018

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