Appendix D List of Abbreviations

$2012: Constant 2012 dollars

bbl.: Barrel

CAFC: Company average fuel consumption

CANSIM: Canadian socio-economic information management system

CEUM: Commercial/institutional end-use model

CEEDC: The Canadian Energy and Emissions Data Centre

ECCC: Environment and Climate Change Canada

EER: Energy efficiency ratio

GDP: Gross domestic product

GHG: Greenhouse gas

GJ: Gigajoule = 1 × 109 joules

GO: Gross output

GWh: Gigawatt-hour = 1 × 109 Wh

km: Kilometre

kW: Kilowatt

kWh: Kilowatt-hour = 1 × 103 Wh

L: Litre

LPG: Liquefied petroleum gases

m2: Square metre

m3: Cubic metre

MJ: Megajoule = 1 × 106 joules

Mt of CO2e: Megatonne of carbon dioxide equivalent = 1 × 106 tonnes

NAICS: North American Industry Classification System

n.e.c.: Not elsewhere classified

NEUD: National Energy Use Database

NGL: Natural gas liquids

NRCan: Natural Resources Canada

OEE: Office of Energy Efficiency

PJ: Petajoule = 1 × 1015 joules

Pkm: Passenger-kilometre

RESD: Report on Energy Supply and Demand in Canada

REUM: Residential end-use model

SEER: Seasonal energy efficiency ratio

SIC: Standard industrial classification

TEUM: Transportation end-use model

TJ: Terajoule = 1 × 1012 joules

Tkm: Tonne-kilometre

UEC: Unit energy consumption

W: Watt

Wh: Watt-hour