Comprehensive Energy Use Database

The Office of Energy Efficiency at Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) has changed the base year related to its National Energy Use Database (NEUD) from 1990 to 2000, beginning with the release of 2018 data. This rebasing is to ensure that NEUD reflects developments in trends and structures of Canada’s energy end use and efficiency across sectors. It also synchronizes Canada’s energy use data reporting with changes recently made by the International Energy Agency. While new estimates are no longer made available for years prior to 2000, data with the new base year are expected to better service the development, implementation and monitoring of government policies, programs and projects; evidence-based decision making; industrial and market analysis and projection; and energy use literacy, education and stakeholder engagement.

The Comprehensive Energy Use Database provides an overview of sectoral energy markets in Canada and in each region of the country. These tables are intended to complement data published in the Energy Use Data Handbook.

Note: Users should be aware that these tables might be subject to updates as new information becomes available.