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Energy Efficiency Trends in Canada, 1990 to 2005

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Appendix C: List of abbreviations

$97 constant 1997 dollars

bbl. barrel

ACM Annual Census of Mines

CAFC company average fuel consumption

CANSIM Canadian Socio-Economic Information Management System

CBEEDAC Canadian Building Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre

CEUM commercial/institutional end-use model

CFL compact fluorescent lamp, also known as compact fluorescent light bulb

CIEEDAC Canadian Industrial End-Use Energy Data and Analysis Centre

CREEDAC Canadian Residential Energy End-Use Data and Analysis Centre

CVIOC Canadian Vehicles in Operation Census

CVS Canadian Vehicle Survey

DVD digital video disc or digital versatile disc

EC Environment Canada

EER energy efficiency ratio

GDP gross domestic product

GHG greenhouse gas

GJ gigajoule = 1 × 109 joules

GO gross output

GWh gigawatt hour = 1 × 109 Wh

HFE Household Facilities and Equipment survey

ICE Industrial Consumption of Energy survey

IEUM industrial end-use model

km kilometre

kW kilowatt

kWh kilowatt hour = 1 × 103 Wh

L litre

LDV light-duty vehicle

LPG liquefied petroleum gases

square metre

cubic metre

MJ megajoule = 1 × 106 joules

Mt of CO2e (Mt) megatonne of carbon dioxide equivalent = 1 × 106 tonnes

NAICS North American Industry Classification System

n.e.c. not elsewhere classified

NGL natural gas liquids

NRCan Natural Resources Canada

OEE Office of Energy Efficiency

PBS Passenger Bus and Urban Transit Statistics

PJ petajoule = 1 × 1015 joules

Pkm passenger-kilometre

RESD Report on Energy Supply-Demand in Canada

REUM residential end-use model

SEER seasonal energy efficiency ratio

SIC standard industrial classification

SHEU Survey of Household Energy Use

SHS Survey of Household Spending

SC Statistics Canada

TEUM transportation end-use model

TIP Trucking Industry Profile

TJ terajoule = 1 × 1012 joules

Tkm tonne-kilometre

UEC unit energy consumption

VCR videocassette recorder

VFEIS Vehicle Fuel Economy Information System

W watt

Wh watt-hour

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