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Fuel-Efficient Driving

EcoDriving is a way of driving (safely) that produces the highest mileage from every single vehicle, regardless of vehicle size and age. With EcoDriving techniques its possible for an average person to significantly reduce fuel use (and CO2 emissions) by making relatively small changes in driving style such as by accelerating gently and maintaining a constant speed.

Anticipating Traffic

Coasting to decelerate

Fuel-Efficient Driving

Fuel-Efficient Driving

This lesson explores driving techniques and approaches that not only improve fuel efficiency but also contribute to road safety and keep down some of the costs of operating a vehicle.

Purchasing a Fuel-Efficient Vehicle

Smart Car

ecoEnergy Award Winners – 2009

ecoEnergy Award Winners – 2008

ecoEnergy Award Winners – 2007

NRCan recognizes the manufacturers of the most fuel-efficient new
light-duty vehicles in their class sold in Canada each model year.

EnerGuide label for vehicles

EnerGuide label for vehicles

When shopping for a new vehicle, don't forget to look for the EnerGuide label for vehicles found on all new passenger cars, light-duty vans, pickup trucks and special purpose vehicles not exceeding a gross vehicle weight
of 3855 kg (8500 lb).

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Every Day Needs

Choosing the Right Vehicle for Your Every Day Needs

When you're looking to buy a vehicle, there's a lot more to think about
than paint colours and stereo options. First you have to determine what you need. Then you have to look for a vehicle that meets those needs – and at the same time provides the greatest possible safety and fuel efficiency.

Vehicle Maintenance

Be Tire Smart

Be Tire Smart

The following videos will serve to motivate drivers to protect the environment, their families and their pocketbooks by making sure their tires are always properly inflated and maintained.

  • Tire Pressure
  • Tire Tread
  • Tire Rotation, Alignment & Balance
The Importance of Proper Maintenance

The Importance of Proper Maintenance

An important part of being a safe driver is keeping your vehicle in good working condition through regular maintenance. Regular maintenance has other benefits, too: when your vehicle is in top shape, it uses less fuel, produces fewer emissions, and saves you money.


City of Calgary - Vehicle Idling Reduction Policy

City of Calgary – Vehicle Idling Reduction Policy

The City of Calgary is taking a leadership role in the reduction of vehicle emissions and the actions of our city employees will go a long way to reducing these negative effects.