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Natural Gas Deployment Roadmap
The Natural Gas Use in the Canadian Transportation Sector Deployment Roadmap explores the potential for natural gas use across the medium and heavy-duty transportation sector.
Guiding Principles for Sustainable Biofuels in Canada
The primary focus of these Guiding Principles is the production of biofuels in Canada. They also serve to reflect Canadian interests regarding the use of biofeedstocks and biofuels in Canada.
NRDDI Final Report
The Report on the Technical Feasibility of Integrating an Annual Average 2% Renewable Diesel in the Canadian Distillate Pool by 2011 provides the results of the NRDDI projects and other applicable research and experience in Canada and the United States to inform the development and implementation of the proposed regulation by Environment Canada.
Provides calculations for the amount of greenhouse gases generated from the time a fuel is extracted or grown to the time that it is converted in a motive energy vehicle to produce power.
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