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Report on the Technical Feasibility of Integrating an Annual Average 2% Renewable Diesel in the Canadian Distillate Pool by 2011

October 2010

PDF Version of report

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Glossary of Terms

1  Introduction

1.1  Background
1.2  Objective
1.3  Structure of this Report
1.4  Scope of Information Presented in this Report
1.5  NRDDI Projects Considered in this Report
1.6  Other Sources of Information Considered in this Report
1.7  Approach
1.8  Information by Key Factors

2  Fuel Technology Readiness

2.1  Key Factors
2.2  Main Findings
2.3  Analysis

3  Technology/End-User Application Readiness

3.1  Key Factors
3.2  Main Findings
3.3  Analysis

4  Infrastructure Readiness

4.1  Key Factors
4.2  Main Findings
4.3  Analysis

5  Market Acceptance

5.1  Introduction
5.2  Stakeholder Feedback on the Technical Feasibility of the Intended Regulation
5.3  Analysis

6  Other Considerations

6.1  Jurisdictional Context
6.2  Comparison to Ethanol Regulation

7  Conclusion

8  Appendices

8.1  Appendix 1: Physical and Chemical Tests
8.2  Appendix 2: Full Statements from Stakeholders