ecoENERGY for Personal Vehicles Program – Final Report Mandatory Template


This report must be completed at the end of the project and co-signed by project proponents.

A. Background information

Complete the following general information about the project. See the information agreed to in the contribution agreement.

General Information

B. Financial summary

Your project must account for all expenses and revenues. As outlined in Schedule C, clause ___ of the contribution agreement signed between Canada and the proponent. (The relevant clause in Schedule C of the contribution agreement will be cut and pasted here).

i) for  (insert project name here)

Mandatory template for financial reporting
Project costs Expenses Funding source
    ecoENERGY for Personal Vehicles (NRCan) Other sources: Cash Other sources: In-kind
  Forecast Actual Forecast Actual Forecast Actual Forecast Actual
Materials, supplies ( for a demonstration)                
Production of other materials ( materials, printing of posters, brochures)                
Promotion (e.g.Web site, advertising, direct mailings)                
Travel ( conduct workshops, presentations)                
All other expenses                

ii) For all “Other sources” of funding entered above (Cash and In-kind), list each organization and the amount of support it provided.

Organization $ Cash $ In-kind


C. Results

Complete the following sections. (If you need additional sheets, copy this page.)

1. Project goals and objectives

2. Variances from the proposed work plan

3. Performance measurement results

List your performance measurement indicators and measurable results. Add rows as required.

Project and performance measurement indicators Measurable results

4. Successes and accomplishments

5. Raising awareness of climate change and bringing local relevance

6. Changing behaviour

7. Sustainability

8. Media and promotion

If applicable to your project, summarize the types of media and promotion your project achieved.

Category of medium
Specify Print (specify weekly, daily, magazine,etc.) or Electronic (specify T.V., radio, Web, e-mail,etc.)
Type of promotion
Specify article, interview, promotion, radio spot, public service announcement (PSA), advertisement,etc.
Number of types of promotions
(articles, ads,PSA,etc.)e.g.10 articles
Audience reach or circulation
e.g.20 000 readership

9. Unanticipated results

10. Partnerships

11. Challenges

12. Lessons learned

13. ecoENERGY for Personal Vehicles program feedback

14. Other comments

D. Signature

Organization representative: ________________________________