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R-2000 Standard*

(2005 Edition)
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Effective April 1, 2005

1. Purpose

1.1 The Technical Requirements – The R-2000 Standard presents the criteria that a new house must meet to be eligible for R-2000 certification. The technical requirements of the R-2000 Standard include measures for the efficient use of energy, improved indoor air quality and better environmental responsibility in the construction and operation of a house.

The goal of the R-2000 Standard is to improve the energy efficiency of new houses without compromising either the interior or exterior environments. These technical requirements include both the performance goals and prescriptive measures that a house must meet to become eligible for R-2000 certification. The requirements are intended to give the builder flexibility in the selection of construction techniques, building products, mechanical equipment, lighting and appliances. The R-2000 Standard is periodically updated to ensure that R-2000 houses represent the leading edge of cost-effective housing technology.

1.2 A Voluntary National Standard – The R-2000 Standard is a voluntary national standard intended to encourage builder and consumer participation.

The technical requirements are applicable to all parts of Canada, although there is provision for the approval of additional, supplemental requirements at the regional level, provided they do not compromise the intent of the technical requirements or the health and safety features of the houses.

1.3 Other Applicable Documents – The following documents provide additional information on procedures and any revisions to the requirements of the R-2000 Standard since this document was published:

  • R-2000 Plan Evaluation, Inspection and Airtightness Testing Procedures and Guidelines
  • R-2000 Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Features Pick-List – Appendix A
  • Energy Target Calculation Procedure – Appendix B

These technical requirements have been considerably shortened from previous versions and now include commentaries. The purpose of the commentary is to provide the user with an explanation of the clause and, in some cases, provides references to best practices to meet the requirements. Technical and administrative procedures have been revised and are combined in the R-2000 Procedures Manual. To aid in the more frequent updating of the pick-list as new products come to market, the R-2000 Indoor Air Quality and Environmental Features Pick-List (see Appendix A) may be updated and published separately. To ensure that you are working with the most current version of the pick-list and any revised requirements, please refer to Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) R-2000 Web site or contact your R-2000 service organization.

*This standard is subject to revision. Please refer to the NRCan R-2000 Web site, or contact your R-2000 service organization (formerly referred to as R-2000 delivery agents) for the current version of this standard.

R-2000 is an official mark of Natural Resources Canada.