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R-2000 Peace of Mind

Pease of Mind

When you decide to buy a new home you want the peace of mind that comes from dealing with a professional.

An R-2000 home gives you that peace of mind with features such as:

Certified builders

R-2000 certified homes are available only from professional new home builders who have been trained and certified in R-2000 building science and construction practices. Only licensed R-2000 home builders can build R-2000 certified homes.

Up-to-date training

After receiving their license, R-2000 certified builders are required to attend regular technical update sessions to stay informed about the latest developments in home construction and technology.

Extra inspections

Every R-2000 certified home typically receives extra specific inspections like air tightness testing and insulation inspections to ensure that the home conforms to the R-2000 Standard. These inspections are in addition to the regular building inspections performed by the municipality.

Ventilation testing

The technicians who design and install the ventilation system in every R-2000 certified home must be specially trained and licensed to work on R-2000 homes. Once installed, every ventilation system is independently tested to make sure it works properly.