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What is the R-2000?

R-2000 is a voluntary standard administered by Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and is delivered through a network of service organizations and professionals across Canada.

Developed in partnership with Canada's residential construction industry, R-2000 is one of the initiatives offered by NRCan's Office of Energy Efficiency. This initiative’s aim is to promote the use of cost-effective energy-efficient building practices and technologies. Through the use of third-party evaluators and a government of Canada supported certification process homeowners are assured of real value and consistency.

What is the R-2000 Standard?

The R-2000 Standard (R-2000) is an industry-endorsed technical performance standard for energy efficiency, indoor air tightness quality, and environmental responsibility in home construction.

Framed House

Houses built to the R-2000 Standard typically exceed the energy performance requirements of the current Canadian building codes and are recognized by meeting a high standard of environmental responsibility.

Since its introduction over 25 years ago, the R-2000 Standard has become the benchmark for energy efficient new home building in Canada. The Standard is continually upgraded to include new technologies as it becomes established in the marketplace furthermore it is flexible enough to apply to any type of home.

An evolving standard

Government and industry manage R-2000 technology through consultations. They involve researchers, home builders, product manufacturers and other housing experts.

These partners meet regularly to review new housing research and determine if the R-2000 Standard should be upgraded to reflect new developments. Whenever changes are made to the standard, R-2000 home builders receive additional training and technical information to help them incorporate these new improvements in the houses they build.