ENERGY STAR® - Product Specifications

Products are identified and qualifying criteria developed for ENERGY STAR using the following guiding principles:

  • significant energy savings and greenhouse gas emission reductions can be realized on a national basis;
  • energy savings can be achieved with several technology options, at least one of which is non-proprietary;
  • the qualifying criteria will maintain or enhance product performance;
  • energy and other identified performance parameters can be consistently measured and verified through testing;
  • the monetary investment in increased energy efficiency can be recovered within a reasonable period of time;
  • labelling with the ENERGY STAR symbol will effectively differentiate products and be visible to purchasers.

The qualifying criteria is developed based on market, technical and cost analyses with input from industry and other stakeholders. The criteria is is periodically reviewed to ensure its relevancy to the market place and technical veracity.

Home Appliances

Heating, Cooling and Ventilation


Windows and Doors


Office Equipment

Commercial and Industrial Products

The ENERGY STAR name and the ENERGY STAR symbol are registered trademarks of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are used with permission