ENERGY STAR Administrative
Arrangements at a Glance

Organizations sign an ENERGY STAR® Administrative Arrangement with Natural Resources Canada's (NRCan's) Office of Energy Efficiency (OEE) and agree to undertake the following:

  • promote energy efficiency to both internal and external audiences
  • maintain the meaning of the ENERGY STAR registered mark and build the reputation as a trusted symbol for energy-efficient products
  • promote ENERGY STAR qualified products,
  • follow the Guidelines for Reproducing, Applying and Using the ENERGY STAR Symbol in Canada
  • use the symbol in promotional activities,
  • use ENERGY STAR performance levels as a procurement tool.

The Administrative Arrangement lays the foundation for the Government of Canada to measure the effectiveness of the Participants' ENERGY STAR activities in Canada. It also ensures that the ENERGY STAR symbol and its energy efficiency specifications are used consistently.

There are two basic types of ENERGY STAR administrative arrangements:

  1. Arrangements Authorizing the Labelling of Qualified Products
    These arrangements authorize manufacturers, distributors and retailers to label qualified products using the ENERGY STAR symbol or to promote the sale or purchase of ENERGY STAR labelled products.
  2. Arrangements Sanctioning Programs
    This general arrangement allows parties to undertake regionally targeted programs to promote the ENERGY STAR symbol.

In a General Administrative Arrangement, the summary of the key content is as follows:

1. Participant's Commitments:

The Participant recognizes ENERGY STAR as a vehicle for the public and private sectors to promote products that meet or exceed technical energy-use specifications. The Participant agrees to use this alliance with NRCan to promote energy efficiency through ENERGY STAR. The Participant also agrees that it is important to maintain the integrity of the ENERGY STAR symbol.

A Participant agrees to:

  • identify what type of activity will be undertaken to promote ENERGY STAR in Canada by completing a Participant Commitment Form.
  • follow the guidelines on how to use the ENERGY STAR symbol in labelling qualified products.
  • apply the targeted energy efficiency levels that qualify products for the ENERGY STAR symbol outlined in the Technical Specifications for ENERGY STAR qualified products.

The Participant agrees to report on the progress and outcomes of their activities to help NRCan evaluate the activities surrounding the use and promotion of the ENERGY STAR symbol and agrees to :

  • participate in NRCan's Annual ENERGY STAR Survey, providing relevant data as requested
  • promote the ENERGY STAR name and qualified products in accordance with the guidelines
  • promote the organization as an ENERGY STAR Participant
  • if applicable, submit an outline of activities that use incentives to promote the sale of qualified products.
  • label all qualified products with the ENERGY STAR symbol according to the ENERGY STAR guidelines.
  • train staff on the use of the ENERGY STAR symbol. (Training material is available from NRCan).
  • feature ENERGY STAR qualified products in promotional material and on Web sites.

The Administrative Arrangement also suggests voluntary measures that Participants could undertake to keep NRCan informed of their progress, which may result in additional recognition (such as energy efficiency awards or being featured in case studies).

2. NRCan Commitments:

NRCan is committed to promoting the activities undertaken by Participants as a way to raise awareness of ENERGY STAR and to demonstrate how organizations are successfully implementing energy efficiency programs.

NRCan will:

  • maintain the credibility of the ENERGY STAR name and symbol
  • use the guidelines consistently
  • increase awareness of ENERGY STAR qualified products by promoting their benefit
  • provide easy access to documents on the use of the ENERGY STAR symbol
  • maintain a Web site that provides information and key contacts
  • publicly recognize Participants through the OEE Web site and other mechanisms
  • communicate with the Partipants on a regular basis

The Participant agrees that the Administrative Arrangement does not imply OEE or NRCan endorsement of the Participant or its products. ENERGY STAR related activities are voluntary and will not be compensated by NRCan.

The key content contained in a Manufacturers Administrative Arrangement or a Retailers /Distributors Administrative Arrangement is similar to the above, with more details required for labelling qualified products.

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