EnerGuide Labelling Instructions for Appliances and Room Air Conditioners - November 2005

Table of Contents

Special and Voluntary Labelling Situations for Appliances

Dual energy-source appliances

Dual energy-source appliances (such as ranges with gas elements and an electric oven or integrated over/under washerdryers with a gas dryer) are not covered by the labelling guidelines of the Energy Efficiency Regulations. These products do not require an EnerGuide label. However, manufacturers are encouraged to voluntarily label the electric component of the appliance for which they have submitted an energy efficiency report as required, based on the applicable Canadian Standards Association (CSA) test standard (see Product Information section).

Integrated washer-dryer with gas or condensing dryers

There is no test standard for gas or condensing dryers. However, the clothes washer can be tested and labelled according to the requirements of the Regulations. The pointer for these models only must be accompanied by "This clothes washer / Cette laveuse" instead of "This model / Ce modèle."

Other special situations

Contact Natural Resources Canada about any other special products or situations for clarification and guidance on labelling options and requirements.

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