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ENERGY STAR® Market Transformation Award Winners 2011

Whirlpool Canada LP

Whirlpool is truly a green leader in Canada. The company's unwavering commitment to continuously improve its products and expand market share for ENERGY STAR qualified models has earned Whirlpool Canada its third consecutive award as Manufacturer of the Year, marking the sixth time in nine years that Whirlpool has won this category. Whirlpool has also received recognition as Participant of the Year and for Sustained Excellence.

Whirlpool marketed more than 450 ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2010, an increase of 16 percent over 2009. The company's brands – KitchenAid, Whirlpool, Maytag, Inglis, Amana, Roper, Estate and JENN-AIR – accounted for a significant portion of total industry sales of ENERGY STAR qualified products last year.

Whirlpool set a company record for total shipments of ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2010. Shipments of top-load ENERGY STAR qualified washers increased dramatically, and shipments of ENERGY STAR qualified refrigerators increased by double digits. Whirlpool also re-energized the freezer business in 2010, with more than three quarters of models ENERGY STAR qualified.

The dramatic growth in shipments of top-load washers was driven by a comprehensive business and marketing strategy aimed at promoting high-efficiency, ENERGY STAR qualified models. The strategy was based on consumer research that revealed that energy efficiency and value for money were the top purchase drivers for laundry products.

Product innovations by Whirlpool continue to set a high standard for the industry. Whirlpool's new line of ENERGY STAR qualified Duet® clothes washers use up to 70 percent less water than previous designs. New Whirlpool Resource Saver Refrigerators use less energy than a 60-W incandescent light bulb, and a new Maytag four-door refrigerator is the most energy-efficient in its class. Water and energy efficiency innovations have also been made in Whirlpool's dishwasher product line. More than 95 percent of all dishwasher shipments in 2010 were ENERGY STAR qualified.

Whirlpool made a significant investment in building awareness of its products in 2010 by educating retail sales associates and appliance dealers about new models and technology innovations. This effort included an unprecedented "National Road Show" to promote the high-efficiency washer business strategy. Many thousands of retail sales associates across Canada were trained in-store and with scheduled event-based training sessions.

Whirlpool Canada continues to lead the way in manufacturing energy-efficient household appliances, giving Canadians access to a range of innovative technologies that can save energy, money and greenhouse gas emissions.

All Weather Windows

"Are your products ENERGY STAR qualified?" It's a question All Weather Windows hears virtually every day from consumers, dealers, builders and contractors. And thanks to its commitment to product innovation and manufacturing excellence, the company is able to proudly answer with a resounding YES!

In fact, more than 95 percent of All Weather Windows' product line is ENERGY STAR qualified. In 2010, the company offered close to 1400 qualified products through hundreds of retail locations, builders and contractors across Canada, shipping more than 300 000 ENERGY STAR qualified windows and doors to consumers.

All Weather Windows' commitment to ENERGY STAR permeates all aspects of its operations. The company's website automatically steers consumers and contractors/dealers toward ENERGY STAR qualified products. The ENERGY STAR symbol is featured in most of the company's marketing, including its award-winning retail display unit for consumers. Printed product brochures with the ENERGY STAR symbol were distributed to tens of thousands of consumers in 2010, and thousands more were downloaded from the company's website.

The ENERGY STAR symbol was also used in direct mail campaigns, and a print advertising campaign reached more than four million people. All Weather Windows' fleet of delivery vehicles display the ENERGY STAR symbol as they carry qualified products to destinations across the country.

In 2010, an additional 200 dealers and contractors received training on the company's products and the importance of meeting ENERGY STAR criteria, and more than 20 installers received specialized training with ENERGY STAR content.

For the first time in its history, All Weather Windows offered consumers a rebate for ENERGY STAR qualified products. In addition to promoting the offer through in-store display materials, print advertisements, the Internet and direct mail, the company leveraged its sponsorship of the Canadian Hockey League to distribute a "fan offer" to more than 150 000 fans in 39 cities across Canada.

Consumer demands for energy efficiency have also influenced the company's environmental practices. Through its recycling programs and lean manufacturing initiative, All Weather Windows strives to conserve precious resources and eliminate waste at all levels of the organization.

All Weather Windows believes that its success in markets across Canada is due in no small part to its strong affiliation with the ENERGY STAR symbol. This is the company's second consecutive award as Manufacturer of the Year in the Windows, Doors and Skylights category.

HABCO Beverage Systems Inc.

HABCO Beverage Systems Inc. is a recognized industry innovator, with more than 50 years of experience in the commercial refrigeration, beverage and foodservice industry. Given the company's commitment to technological innovation and excellence in every aspect of its business, it's no surprise that HABCO has emerged as an industry leader in the manufacture of ENERGY STAR qualified commercial products.

In just one year, HABCO was able to qualify 21 individual models – a full 76 percent of its product line – for the ENERGY STAR symbol. The company is a committed and enthusiastic ENERGY STAR Participant. HABCO contributed to the development of Canada's ENERGY STAR standards for commercial refrigeration products, and has also worked with beverage companies to develop innovative designs that meet the ENERGY STAR qualification criteria.

HABCO has long designed its products to be energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. Technological innovations include the company's pioneering Cassette® reach-in refrigeration, which allows for replacement of only the removable refrigeration rather than the entire cabinet (reach-in refrigeration is now standard throughout the industry). This means that existing reach-in refrigerators manufactured by HABCO can easily be upgraded to the ENERGY STAR qualified standard.

HABCO has also developed technologies to prevent restricted air-flow through condenser coils, which is the most widespread after-sale cause of reduced energy efficiency. The company's Hybrid™ refrigeration system provides added interior volume while reducing the cabinet footprint – in other words, more volume with less energy consumption.

HABCO products are sold in Canada through foodservice dealers, refrigeration wholesalers, scientific dealers, retail store supply dealers, vending wholesalers, vending dealers, foodservice brokers, beverage companies and more. The ENERGY STAR symbol is prominently displayed to identify qualified products on tradeshow banners, advertising flyers, point-of-purchase materials, the company website and electronic publications, as well as on HABCO's installation, safety and instruction manuals.

HABCO has actively promoted industry awareness of its participation with ENERGY STAR. Lists of qualified models are distributed to dealers, consultants, specifiers and account holders across Canada, and e-mail notifications are routinely sent when new ENERGY STAR qualified products become available. A database has been created that enables staff to easily identify ENERGY STAR qualified models, as well as applicable utility incentives.

This is HABCO's first ENERGY STAR Recognition Award.

Sears Canada Inc.

Sears Canada believes that promoting energy efficiency is important to the company's success and vision of improving the lives of Canadians. Sears' ability to put that philosophy into action has earned the company its fourth consecutive award as ENERGY STAR Retailer of the Year.

Few retailers can match Sears in terms of the sheer number and variety of ENERGY STAR qualified products offered for sale, the number of locations where products are available or the range of prices at which consumers can acquire premium energy-efficient products.

More than 2000 ENERGY STAR qualified products are sold by Sears across Canada – and in many product categories they dominate the company's offerings. ENERGY STAR qualified models now account for 100 percent of windows and tankless water heaters sold by Sears; more than 90 percent of dishwashers, televisions, DVD players and dehumidifiers; more than 70 percent of refrigerators, washing machines and air conditioners; and more than 50 percent of light bulbs, light fixtures, freezers and heat recovery ventilators.

Sears distribution channels are legendary. With more than 480 "brick and mortar" locations across the country, as well as over 1800 pick-up locations for catalogue merchandise, 93 percent of Canadians live within a 10-minute drive of Sears. Shopping from home is made easy with the distribution of Sears catalogues to three million homes in all provinces and territories, as well as through, one of the most transacted websites in Canada.

Sears also works hard to ensure that ENERGY STAR qualified products are as affordable as possible for Canadians. For example, Sears offers weekly promotions on select ENERGY STAR qualified items and guarantees the lowest price of the season during "Sears Days" events. Throughout the year, Sears offers to match any competitor's advertised price on identical items within 30 days of purchase. The company significantly deepened its discounts on ENERGY STAR qualified products in 2010 and offered "bundled" promotions of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and equipment.

Through its extensive use of the ENERGY STAR symbol in company advertising and marketing activities, Sears is raising awareness and demand for energy-efficient products. Inside stores, Sears uses signage, posters, displays, point-of-sale information, public address announcements and direct customer interactions to explain the benefits of ENERGY STAR. External marketing efforts include the use of flyers, radio and TV ads, catalogues, the Internet, home show booths and in-home visits.

Thanks to Sears' commitment to improving the lives of Canadians through energy efficiency, supported by continued growth in the number of qualified products being produced by manufacturers, an additional 640 000 ENERGY STAR qualified products came into use in Canadian homes and businesses in 2010.


Hydro-Québec believes that every small step to improve energy efficiency contributes to the collective good. This philosophy underpins Energy Wise, the company's comprehensive energy conservation program for residential customers. Year after year, Hydro-Québec's innovative programs and campaigns are responsible for increased awareness of the ENERGY STAR symbol and energy efficiency. In fact, 76 percent of residents surveyed say they have changed their habits to save energy at home.

Under the Energy Wise umbrella, a number of programs focus exclusively on promoting ENERGY STAR qualified products. These include a new initiative launched in May 2010 to encourage consumers to buy ENERGY STAR qualified televisions. To support the program, which offers participating retailers a financial incentive for each qualified TV they sell, Hydro-Québec trained retail sales staff, provided promotional materials and created a new section on its website.

Hydro-Québec also expanded the Energy Wise lighting program in 2010 with a pilot project involving specialty lighting retailers. Participating retailers were able to purchase ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures at a discount, which in turn allowed them to sell the products at competitive prices. The lighting program continued to provide mail-in rebates for ENERGY STAR qualified CFLs and light fixtures, as well as instant rebates for CFLs in Nunavik.

Hydro-Québec's partnership with more than 240 companies in the windows and doors sector also continued to generate impressive results. Among other activities, about 350 000 flyers promoting qualified window and doors were distributed to customers who had used the utility's free Energy Wise Home Diagnostics program and had identified their windows as at least 16 years old. Estimated energy savings from the windows and doors program exceeded targets in 2010, prompting Hydro-Québec to again extend the program.

Consumer awareness and acceptance of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances has reached levels where Hydro-Québec no longer offers purchase incentives to consumers, except in Nunavik. Nevertheless, the utility continues to promote this product category. In 2010, for example, the "Shooting Star" contest gave purchasers of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances the chance to win back the cost of these products, plus the chance to win one of five ENERGY STAR qualified home theatre packages. More than 7000 consumers participated in the contest.

In support of all of these Energy Wise programs, Hydro-Québec promotes ENERGY STAR qualified products extensively on the utility's website, through its HydroContact newsletter and customer service call centre, at trade shows and in advertising campaigns.

Hydro-Québec has now won a total of nine ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards in four separate categories: Sustained Excellence, Utility of the Year – Provincial (four times), Promotional Campaign (three times) and Collaborative Initiative.

Maritime Electric Company, Limited

Maritime Electric delivers power to more than 90 percent of electrical customers on Prince Edward Island. Thanks to a suite of energy conservation programs implemented in 2010, the utility is also delivering the tools, products and information Islanders need to reduce their electricity consumption and environmental footprint.

The ENERGY STAR symbol played a key supporting role in four conservation programs delivered by Maritime Electric in 2010. These included "Winter Challenge," a campaign to encourage customers to reduce their electricity consumption in December, the peak demand period for electric power on P.E.I. As an incentive, the utility matched the savings up to 10 percent for customers who reduced their consumption, and customers who exceeded the 10 percent target qualified for a draw to win one of five prizes of free electricity for a year.

Throughout the Winter Challenge, Maritime Electric used print materials, the Internet and other media to heavily promote the use of ENERGY STAR qualified products as a way for customers to save electricity. Seventy-four percent of the more than 8300 customers who signed up for the Challenge were able to reduce their electricity consumption, with 55 percent exceeding 10 percent. The program resulted in electricity savings of more than 1.5 million kWh in December 2010.

Maritime Electric also sponsored an LED Holiday Lighting Rebate Program to help address the price differential between incandescent and LED holiday lights. Each of the utility's residential customers received a $3 instant rebate coupon featuring the ENERGY STAR symbol. More than 6500 coupons were redeemed, generating estimated energy savings of 110 000 kWh in December 2010 alone. Over the anticipated 30-year life of the LED strings, more than 3.2 million kWh will be saved.

The price barrier for LED holiday lights was also addressed through an LED Holiday Light Exchange program. In exchange for a working set of incandescent holiday lights, consumers received a 50 percent discount coupon – again featuring the ENERGY STAR symbol – on a set of LED holiday lights. Islanders used the coupons to purchase more than 1200 sets of LED holiday lights, resulting in estimated savings of 21 900 kWh in December 2010 and 657 000 kWh over the life of the products.

Finally, Maritime Electric's educational guide for Grade 6 students, called Generation Conservation, was delivered to classrooms across the province in 2010. The guide aims to educate the next generation of consumers about energy conservation and includes information on how to use the ENERGY STAR symbol to make wise purchasing decisions.

Maritime Electric's programs have helped customers save electricity and contributed to a culture of conservation on Prince Edward Island. The ENERGY STAR symbol has played an important role in these initiatives, earning the company the 2010 award for Utility of the Year – Regional.

Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University in Halifax is widely regarded as one of Canada's leading post-secondary institutions. Now, Dalhousie is showing leadership in another way in becoming the first university in Canada to become an ENERGY STAR Participant.

Since joining the program in 2009, Dalhousie has actively promoted ENERGY STAR qualified products through training workshops, procurement documentation, social marketing and other activities. The university's Office of Sustainability has targeted key purchasers on campus, including those working in Facilities Management, Housing and Conference Services, Purchasing, Information Technology Services and the Student Union. Awareness and education initiatives have also targeted individual purchasers on campus, including students.

Although a relative newcomer to the program, Dalhousie already lists an impressive range of ENERGY STAR initiatives. For example, ENERGY STAR clauses have been included in Requests for Proposals for products such as multi-functional devices, vending machines, gas furnaces and windows. The Office of Sustainability is also working with the Facilities Management group to incorporate ENERGY STAR specifications in design guidelines, and the university's purchasing policy is being revised to include ENERGY STAR language.

ENERGY STAR information, products, tools and case studies are used extensively by the Office of Sustainability in its ENERGY STAR and sustainable procurement training sessions. More than 50 people have already participated in these sessions and then gone on to provide ENERGY STAR procurement training to others at Dalhousie. The Office of Sustainability is currently exploring whether ENERGY STAR purchases can be tracked using the university's existing procurement tracking system.

The Campus Green Guide, which is distributed to about 1400 first-year students each year and is also available in many locations on campus, provides an explanation of ENERGY STAR and Dalhousie's pioneering involvement in the program. As well, posters have been developed and distributed around Dalhousie's campuses to increase awareness of ENERGY STAR.

An ENERGY STAR e-mail signature was developed, and the Office of Sustainability features the ENERGY STAR symbol and information prominently on its website. Other awareness-generating initiatives include a purchasing card sleeve featuring the ENERGY STAR symbol and the use of ENERGY STAR screen templates on LCD screens on campus.

By breaking new ground for ENERGY STAR in Canada, Dalhousie University has set an important and inspirational example for other universities and colleges across the country.

Ontario Power Authority

Ontario has one of the most ambitious electricity conservation targets in North America and possibly the world, and the Ontario Power Authority (OPA) is working hard to achieve it ahead of schedule. The number and range of conservation initiatives delivered by the OPA have increased year after year, taking full advantage of ENERGY STAR as a recognized and trusted symbol of energy efficiency to drive energy savings across

the province.

The OPA's consumer-based programs are based on strong partnerships with manufacturers, contractors and retailers. In each program, the OPA strives to educate Ontarians about how the ENERGY STAR symbol can help them choose the most energy-efficient products sold in the marketplace. The symbol is featured prominently in marketing materials, advertising and program literature.

In 2010, the OPA's spring and fall Power Savings Events continued to raise awareness of energy-saving opportunities available to consumers across the province. Both events offered in-store coupons for energy-efficient products and were supported by four-week marketing campaigns that included province-wide advertising on radio, in daily and local newspapers, on billboards and online. During these two campaigns, Ontarians purchased more than 217 000 ENERGY STAR qualified products, including close to 165 000 CFLs and more than 37 000 light fixtures. The lifetime energy savings offered by these products is estimated at more than 38 000 megawatt hours.

For the first time in 2010, Appliance Exchange Events were run through select major retailers in concert with the Power Savings Events. This program accelerated the retirement of inefficient appliances by offering store gift cards in exchange for old appliances.

In another first, the OPA launched an incentive program for ENERGY STAR qualified televisions in April 2010. Participating retailers qualified for a direct incentive for each eligible product sold, with the incentive level based on the amount of promotion undertaken by the retailer. The program supported sales of close to a quarter of a million ENERGY STAR qualified TVs.

Going forward, ENERGY STAR is a cornerstone of the OPA's new province-wide consumer program, saveONenergy FOR HOME, and is already being featured prominently in marketing and education materials for the new initiative.

Since its inception, the OPA has worked to build a culture of conservation in Ontario, creating numerous opportunities to promote the ENERGY STAR symbol as a tool Ontarians can use to save energy, reduce the need for new generation facilities and help the environment. This is the second Advocate of the Year award for the OPA.

London Drugs Ltd.

London Drugs Ltd. is not your typical drugstore. With 75 locations across western Canada, the company sells everything from pharmacy products and general merchandise to home theatre systems, computers and even energy-efficient light fixtures. In fact, London Drugs recently became the first retailer in Canada to sell only ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures.

Working in collaboration with BC Hydro Power Smart and Globe Electric – both past winners of ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards – London Drugs launched a unique pilot project in April 2010 to completely transform the assortment of lighting fixtures it sells in its 49 locations in British Columbia. To support the project, the three organizations collectively developed a marketing and promotional plan that included competitive pricing and compelling in-store educational material. Distinctive point-of-purchase materials were created to draw customers' attention to the fixture line-up. Shelf cards educated customers about the energy and environmental benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified products and included information on estimated savings on electricity bills.

In-store promotional events, which included radio remotes and outreach activities with BC Hydro, helped to increase store traffic and educate customers about ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures. Forty-five events engaged thousands of customers about the benefits of these and other ENERGY STAR products.

London Drugs also worked with BC Hydro and Globe Electric to feature selected ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures during several province-wide promotions, including Power Smart's spring and fall lighting campaigns and the kick-off event for Power Smart Month in October 2010. Qualified fixtures and compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) were also promoted on the company's "What's the Green Deal?" website.

In all of these marketing activities, the promise of long-term energy cost savings was an overarching message aimed at encouraging consumers to purchase ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures. To further support this message, London Drugs partnered with BC Hydro Power Smart to offer more than 400 training sessions for sales associates about energy efficiency and the benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures.

London Drug's pilot project dramatically increased the availability of ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures, particularly in smaller, rural communities, and this success encouraged the company to extend the project until the end of 2011. This impressive initiative from a new Participant earned London Drugs the award for Recruit of the Year and expectations for a successful partnership for years to come.

British Columbia Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro)

BC Hydro Power Smart strives to foster a culture of conservation in British Columbia, with the goal of making energy efficiency a way of life and doing business across the province. The utility builds exceptional relationships with manufacturers, retailers and other partners, helping to drive cumulative annual energy savings of almost 1800 gigawatt hours.

The ENERGY STAR symbol is often at the heart of these successful relationships, as demonstrated by three major conservation programs delivered by the utility in 2010. Power Smart further strengthened its strategic collaboration with retailers by offering product rebates, participating in cooperative advertising campaigns, training retail associates and sending community outreach staff to hundreds of in-store events to educate consumers about the benefits of purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified products.

The ENERGY STAR Appliance Rebate Program continued to generate impressive results in 2010. Power Smart works with retailers and manufacturers to offer consumer rebates for the purchase of select ENERGY STAR qualified appliances that are the most efficient in their class. Currently, over 260 retail storefronts located throughout the province are promoting ENERGY STAR qualified appliances to their customers. The program's retail sales associate training included both online and in-store formats, training approximately 2000 individuals to be ENERGY STAR ambassadors. Working in partnership with the retailers, BC Hydro Community Outreach teams hosted approximately 400 in-store events, interacting with customers face-to-face. Thousands of BC Hydro customers participated in the program in 2010, resulting in rebates for more than 53 000 qualified appliances. 

The focus for the ENERGY STAR Lighting Program in 2010 was on ENERGY STAR qualified specialty CFLs and fixtures, with Power Smart offering buy-downs and incentives to encourage retailers and manufacturers to discount prices for these products. More than 215 000 specialty CFL bulbs and 57 000 ENERGY STAR qualified fixtures were sold as a result of this program in 2010 at 520 retail locations. B.C. now has among the highest market penetration rates for CFLs in North America.

Finally, the ENERGY STAR Consumer Electronics Program offers retailers extensive training and an incentive for every ENERGY STAR qualified television set sold. As of December 2010, the program had influenced the purchase of more than 65 000 TVs that were 30 to 50 per cent more energy-efficient than the minimum ENERGY STAR requirement.

This is BC Hydro's second award for Collaborative Initiative and eighth overall, including awards for Utility of the Year (three times), Promotional Campaign, Participant and Sustained Excellence.

Sears Canada Inc.

Sears Canada has set a goal of becoming the number one destination for energy-efficient products and the first place Canadians think of when they want to reduce their utility bills. The company's deep-rooted commitment to transforming the market toward increased energy efficiency – backed by a decade-long track record of promoting ENERGY STAR in Canada – has earned Sears the coveted 2011 ENERGY STAR Award for Sustained Excellence.

Sears has been a perennial winner of ENERGY STAR Recognition Awards in Canada. The company has been named Retailer of the Year five times and was Participant of the Year in 2005. It is recognition well-earned, as Sears continually strives to surpass its impressive ENERGY STAR achievements year after year.

This is evident, for example, in the company's expanded product offerings. Sears now sells more than 2000 ENERGY STAR qualified products across Canada. The company's promotion of the ENERGY STAR symbol also continues to grow: in 2010, Sears increased the number of impressions of the ENERGY STAR symbol in its advertising flyers to over two billion, with an additional 600 million impressions in its catalogues. Sears prominently displays ENERGY STAR qualified products in-store and has created several new promotional events that focus on the ENERGY STAR symbol. It works with utilities across Canada to offer rebates on ENERGY STAR qualified products and routinely strengthens and expands ENERGY STAR training for sales associates.

The company also continues to explore new avenues for promoting energy efficiency. Sears released six ENERGY STAR videos on its dedicated YouTube channel in 2010 and also makes promotions for ENERGY STAR qualified products available through Facebook and Twitter.

Sears constantly looks for ways to provide added value to customers. The company ran a number of electronic recycling pilot programs in 2010, including a two-weekend event that collected 270 000 kilograms of used electronics in exchange for discount coupons for ENERGY STAR qualified televisions. Sears has also created the Cost and Carbon Savings Calculator to allow customers to quickly estimate their energy, carbon and financial savings from purchasing ENERGY STAR qualified replacement equipment.

For its internal operations, Sears insists on energy-efficient electronics and office equipment. As a result, electricity usage at Sears' data centre continues to decline, even though data processing is increasing. Nationwide, all PCs, laptops and monitors purchased for internal use in 2010 were ENERGY STAR qualified.

Every Sears employee – from sales associates, store managers and buyers through to the CEO – considers the ENERGY STAR Program to be core to the company's business. This thinking, reflected in dozens of ways throughout the company's operations, has made Sears Canada an ENERGY STAR leader and a worthy recipient of the award for Sustained Excellence.