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Quick Facts on Dishwashers

Today's household dishwashers are about 95 percent more energy efficient than they were in 1990, and ENERGY STAR® qualified models are even better.

Most new dishwashers have many energy-saving features, like short, light or economy cycles, which clean dishes in one detergent wash, followed by two or three rinses. There is also a choice between heat and no-heat drying. Some may have a sensor that measures the amount of dirt on dishes* and determines just how much water is needed to wash them efficiently. All these features reduce both energy and water waste.

Dishwashers 1990
(annual energy consumption in kWh/year)
(annual energy consumption in kWh/year)
Standard 1026 457
ENERGY STAR® qualified 422

* Sensors in certain models also measure load size and modify time and/or water use accordingly.

Testing today (CSA Standard C373-92)
This test standard is also used as the basis for verifying energy performance for ENERGY STAR qualified products.

Both compact and standard-sized household dishwashers are tested for energy consumption. This includes the energy needed to run the dishwasher and heat the water. Tests are conducted on compact dishwashers with a capacity of fewer than eight place settings and six serving pieces, and on standard-size dishwashers with a capacity of eight or more place settings and six serving pieces.

Dishwashers with built-in water heaters go through a complete normal wash with a standard load of dishes. Dishwashers that use hot water from a domestic water tank set at 60°C go through a complete normal wash without a dish load.

Calculating the EnerGuide Rating
The energy used during a complete dishwasher cycle (energy to run the dishwasher and heat the water) is multiplied by 264 (the average number of times a Canadian household uses a dishwasher in one year - approximately four to five times per week). This is the value on the EnerGuide label.

For example:

2 kWh      ×
per cycle)
264      =
(average annual
number of cycles)
528 kWh/year
(annual energy

ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers are the best performers. Dishwashers that display the ENERGY STAR symbol achieve energy efficiency levels at least 41 percent higher than the minimum regulated standard in Canada.

ENERGY STAR qualified dishwashers save energy by using improved technology and less hot water. These appliances feature sensors that calculate the required length of wash cycles and the appropriate water temperatures needed to clean each load. Some models feature built-in heating elements that save water-heating costs.

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