Join ENERGY STAR as a Fenestration Dealer or Distributor

To join the ENERGY STAR Initiative in Canada and be listed on our website, a dealer or distributor must:

Note: A dealer or distributor may also receive permission to use the ENERGY STAR name and symbol through their manufacturer supplier of ENERGY STAR certified models.

Natural Resources Canada does not charge an administrative fee to participate in ENERGY STAR.

To receive your customized Administrative Arrangement, please enter all of the required information below and click on the "Proceed" button then enter the required information for at least one dealer location. Click on the "Proceed" button again, add another location or click on the "No more locations" button. To finish, review the information that you have entered then click on the "Submit Application" button. If you do not have access to e-mail or if you are having difficulty requesting or receiving the application documents, please contact us.

Note: The application documents will be sent to the e-mail address indicated in this section.

1. Who is Requesting the Application Documents?

If you do not have access to e-mail, please contact us.

2. Who will be signing the Administrative Arrangement for the

Note: this person must have signing authority for the dealer/distributor.

3. Who will be the dealer/distributor's primary contact for ENERGY STAR?
Dealer/distributor's Mailing Address
4. Dealer or Distributor Locations and Alternate Contacts

You must enter at least 1 dealer location and choose at least one ENERGY STAR qualified brand name per location. This information will be posted on the NRCan web site. Up to six locations and six brand names per location are permitted. All locations must be in Canada. Please also indicate if the location is part of the Windows Wise Certification Program.

Note: If you want to enter any optional additional contacts for ENERGY STAR such as a marketing director, office manager or administrative assistant, click the check box before pressing the Proceed button.