Who's on Board?

The following organizations have become ENERGY STAR® Participants and are promoting and using the ENERGY STAR symbol in Canada. When available, you can go to their web sites by clicking on the name of the organization.

General Participants

Acronamic Learning Systems

Acronamic Learning Systems offers licensing and voluntary education programs to real estate practitioners. The company includes information on ENERGY STAR-qualified products in its educational courses for real estate salespersons and brokers so they can serve the buying and selling public better.

Amiel Distributions Ltd.

ENERGY STAR Market Transformation Awards - 2011 Winners

Since 1980, Amiel Distributions Ltd. has been offering its clients prestigious and reliable brands of the household-appliance and electronic industries. Matching high technology and durability with sophisticated design, its products are state of the art within the market. Amiel Distributions Ltd. is also recognized for its quality service. Amiel Distributions Ltd. includes the ENERGY STAR symbol when advertising its ENERGY STAR-qualified products.

Bank of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal promotes ENERGY STAR qualified equipment such as heating and cooling systems, windows and doors, water heaters, lighting products and major appliances.


Bell is a large communications company in Canada. In support to its energy and greenhouse gas reduction strategy, Bell uses ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment, such as computer equipment and printers, and actively promotes energy saving initiatives and ENERGY STAR products to its employees. As a television service provider, Bell provides ENERGY STAR qualified set-top boxes.

The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating

The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating is a not-for-profit trade association founded in 1933. They promote ENERGY STAR qualified oil and gas boilers as well as gas water heaters.

Canadian Oil Heat Association (COHA)

A voluntary membership organization, COHA serves as the industry's voice to provincial and federal regulators and government decision makers on matters of policy, safety, and certification. COHA works with government and other stakeholders to foster a sustainable business environment for its members. As a national organization, COHA is comprised of provincial Chapters in Ontario, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and Newfoundland & Labrador focusing on provincial regulatory, training, and promotion activities. In addition to the use of the association's dedicated staff and other technical resources, COHA relies on its member volunteers serving on various committees and ad hoc groups, bringing first-hand industry knowledge and experience to the table when developing new strategies and solutions.

City of Greater Sudbury – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2007

Efficient Sudbury a retail/consumer level community conservation program designed to increase awareness about the benefits of using ENERGY STAR qualified products. Launched in the summer of 2006, more than 50 local retailers now display Efficient Sudbury point-of-sale materials in their stores to promote the purchase of a range of ENERGY STAR qualified products. Information about ENERGY STAR is also being disseminated by Efficient Sudbury through other avenues, including utility partners, community workshops and the City of Greater Sudbury's Community Action Networks.

Clean Air Foundation – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2006, 2004

The Foundation undertook market research to define key elements of Canada's first room air-conditioner exchange pilot project (the “Keep Cool Program”). The ENERGY STAR-qualified units. The Program generated high visibility in selected stores and the surrounding communities by offering incentives such as rebate coupons.

Clean Air Partnership – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2007

The Clean Air Partnership (CAP) , a registered charity, works on initiatives that help improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in partnership with individuals, government, schools, utilities, businesses and communities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). CAP also coordinates and provides secretariat services for the Greater Toronto Area-Clean Air Council (GTA-CAC), a 31-member intergovernmental working group that promotes the reduction of air pollution and increased awareness of regional air quality issues through the collective efforts of all levels of government.

The CAP has undertaken many activities with GTA-CAC members to build support for the inclusion of ENERGY STAR criteria into their purchasing decisions. Here are a few examples:

  • Completed an ENERGY STAR Procurement Toolkit for Municipalities and promoted it through presentations and partner networks; and,
  • Established the Procurement Community of Practice (PCOP), a network of procurement staff from GTA-CAC who work together to develop work plans and implementation/communication strategies on how best to connect experts and practitioners/clients in order to facilitate ENERGY STAR procurement and emissions reductions in the GTA-CAC jurisdictions.

Climate Change Central (C3) – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2010

Climate Change Central (C3) takes action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Alberta. A unique partnership between businesses, governments and the environmental community, C3 focuses on innovation, technology, education and public participation to strengthen Alberta's environment. C3 educates, promotes, and offers incentive programs for ENERGY STAR qualified products in Alberta.


Comparance is a website dedicated to providing impartial and specialized information about household appliances, offering relevant information needed to simplify consumers appliance purchasing. It utilizes on-line tools such as the "household appliance search" which selects appliances according various factors, including ENERGY STAR qualifications. Consumers compare selections with other appliances to make sure it is the one that best suits their needs.

Dalhousie University – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2011

Dalhousie University is the largest university in the Maritimes and is one of Canada's leading universities. Dalhousie is committed to sustainability efforts with the recent launching of the College of Sustainability and the Office of Sustainability. Dalhousie will be actively promoting ENERGY STAR qualified products through training workshops, procurement documentation, social marketing, and other efforts.

Efficiency NB

Efficiency NB, a Crown Corporation of the Government of New Brunswick, provides programs in the Residential, Commercial and Industrial Sectors, offering practical solutions and financial incentives to help New Brunswickers use energy more efficiently, make better energy choices, manage energy expenses and lessen the impact of energy use on the environment. Efficiency NB promotes ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and products in its public education initiatives as well as providing an ENERGY STAR Package Incentive Bonus as a component of its New Homes Program.

Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation

Efficiency Nova Scotia Corporation promotes ENERGY STAR qualified equipment such as clothes washers, refrigerators, heat pumps, windows and doors and lighting equipment. Efficiency Nova Scotia is a non-profit corporation that runs energy efficiency and conservation programs in Nova Scotia.

Enermodal Engineering Ltd.

Enermodal Engineering Ltd. provides innovative solutions to reduce energy consumption and the environmental impact of building designs. They promote ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors and skylights in Kitchener area, in Ontario.

ESTS Energy Training Solutions

ESTS Energy Training Solutions offers training programs for sales representatives and managers of ENERGY STAR participating retailers, distributors and manufacturers. Courses give Participants an opportunity to learn more about current rebates and incentive programs and product specifications. Marketing strategies and communications tools are also featured. The company, located on Vancouver Island, is committed to promote energy efficiency and career development in the area of energy and the environment in British Columbia. They work closely with ENERGY STAR Participants to help consumers understand the benefits of choosing ENERGY STAR qualified products for the home or business.

Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD)

Where opportunities exist, the GVRD is promoting ENERGY STAR-qualified products among its residents by incorporating information on these products in a number of awareness-raising publications.

Green I.T. Solutions Inc.

Green I.T. Solutions Inc. is a technology company that uses environmentally friendly solutions to provide full-service Data Center, Telecommunications and E-waste management services to companies. Green I.T. promotes the benefits of emerging technologies that are part of the ENERGY STAR initiative and then customizes that technology to the company’s business environment. Green I.T. Solutions Inc. ensures that the technology systems can easily be expanded and upgraded as the company’s business changes and grows.


GreenTbiz develops and delivers energy and environmental conservation programs to Toronto area businesses. They promote the use of ENERGY STAR qualified equipment such as lighting and office equipment.

The Guysborough County Regional Development Authority

The Guysborough County Regional Development Authority is a rural economic development agency in Nova Scotia that promotes the awareness of and purchase of ENERGY STAR qualified appliances and equipment. They educate residents on the ENERGY STAR initiative and the EnerGuide label through a section of their website that is dedicated to alternative energy options for the residential consumer and education on energy conservation and efficiency for county residents in Nova Scotia. Their objective is to help residents make more informed energy choices to save on energy costs and reduce energy consumption.

The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI)

The Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada (HRAI) is the national trade association of manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and contractors in the Canadian heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry who provide the products and services for indoor comfort and essential refrigeration processes. HRAI includes the HRAI Manufacturers Division; Canadian Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Wholesalers (CHRAW); and Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Contractors of Canada (HRAC). HRAI produced and distributed to its members a fact sheet on EnerGuide and the ENERGY STAR initiative in Canada. HRAI promotes ENERGY STAR-qualified air-to-air heat pumps, central air conditioners and high-efficiency gas furnaces.

Homeworks Services Inc.

Homeworks Services Inc. delivers residential energy assessments, home improvements and low-cost financing programs to Canadians. Through backing by Terasen Inc. and Eaga Partnership Ltd., and in partnership with Terasen Gas and Natural Resources Canada, Homeworks promotes ENERGY STAR-qualified furnaces in British Columbia. Homeworks is also promoting ENERGY STAR -labelled products through its retail Homeworks Financing network across Canada.

Integrated Monitoring Solutions

Integrated Monitoring Solutions, a Canadian company headquartered in Markham Ontario, is a supplier of on-line, real-time environmental monitoring systems. Using wireless and non-intrusive technologies, system users are able to monitor power consumption in real-time, as well as compare it to historical trends. Whereas power consumption is typically monitored at the facility level, IMS systems allow a deployment at a micro level. With this information, users can identify areas in which power savings strategies can be implemented, and have the necessary results to monitor their success.

My Sustainable Canada

As an ENERGY STAR program advocate, My Sustainable Canada is a national non-profit organization that has substantial expertise in the areas of green purchasing, behaviour change strategies related to energy use reduction and program promotion using community based social marketing techniques. Its mission is to help Canadians have a positive impact on the environment and society by empowering them with the tools and means to become sustainable consumers of products and services.

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2011, 2008

The Ontario Power Authority (OPA) was created to help develop a sustainable, competitive and reliable electricity system for consumers, as well as to help build a "culture of conservation" in Ontario. The development, coordination and implementation of conservation programs are among the OPA's key business activities. The OPA actively supports ENERGY STAR by providing Ontario consumers with information and incentives to encourage the purchase and use of ENERGY STAR qualified products. OPA programs that have featured ENERGY STAR qualified products include: Every Kilowatt Counts, Cool Savings Rebate, Hot Savings Rebate, and Affordable Housing Energy Efficiency Program.

PepsiCo Foods Canada

PepsiCo Foods Canada ,a division of PepsiCo Canada ULC, promotes and uses ENERGY STAR qualified office equipment, such as computer equipment, printers, scanners, as well as ENERGY STAR qualified lighting fixtures and compact fluorescent lamps in it’s installations.

One Change – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2009, 2006

Project Porchlight is the signature campaign of One Change, a not-for-profit group that promotes energy conservation. So far, Project Porchlight volunteers have delivered hundreds of thousands of ENERGY STAR qualified compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs across Canada.

Social Housing Services Corporation – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2010

The Social Housing Services Corporation is a not-for-profit organization created to connect Ontario's social housing sector. It is using its reach to bring the ENERGY STAR message and ENERGY STAR qualified products to more than 1400 non-profit and co-operative housing corporations that manage more than 270 000 units in the province.

Telus Corporation Inc.

Telus is a leading telecommunications company in Canada with 11.9 million customer connections, including 200,000 TELUS TV® customers. Telus’ environmental plan incorporates a robust assessment of emissions and includes efficiency targets related to the number of customer connections and absolute targets, both intended to focus the company on mitigating its environmental impact and shrinking its carbon footprint. Telus’ goal is to continue meeting the needs of its customers while decreasing energy use and carbon output.

Toronto Atmospheric Fund – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2003

The Toronto Atmospheric Fund – the City of Toronto's clean air agency – finances initiatives committed to global climate stabilization and cleaner air in the City of Toronto. The agency produced a Clean Air Consumer Guide for residents of Toronto Housing Company Inc.'s subsidized housing projects, highlighting ENERGY STAR-qualified, energy-efficient products.

Toronto Chinese for Ecological Living (TCEL)

TCEL is a non profit environmental group promoting ecological living in the Greater Toronto Chinese Community. TCEL will serve as a conduit between the Government, main stream environmental groups and the Chinese Community. They promote the use of ENERGY STAR qualified equipment.

Toronto Community Housing Corporation – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2006

Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) – the second largest housing provider in North America – is on a mission to make the ENERGY STAR symbol a common sight for the 580,000 households it serves in the Greater Toronto Area. Staff are being trained to explain to tenants why the Corporation has chosen ENERGY STAR qualified products and how they should be used for optimum performance and energy savings.

The World Wildlife Fund – Canada

WWF-Canada is one of the country's leading conservation organizations. Through its action-oriented on-line community, The Good Life, WWF-Canada is helping to raise awareness of the environmental benefits of ENERGY STAR qualified products.

Yukon Development Corporation – ENERGY STAR Award Winner – 2003

The Yukon Development Corporation and the Energy Solutions Centre are undertaking a fridge exchange pilot project in the Yukon's diesel-electric and hydro-electric communities. The goal is to replace up to 500 ten-year-old (or older) working refrigerators with ENERGY STAR-qualified refrigerators by using financial incentives and covering the costs of decommissioning and removing the old units.