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A knowledgeable professional should install windows, doors and skylights according to the manufacturer's instructions. A poorly installed product may not operate properly and could cause cold drafts even though the product itself is energy efficient. Poor installation may also allow water to leak into the home, leading to costly damage.

Here are some installation guidelines:

  1. The installation should provide an airtight, insulated seal.
  2. After installation, the window or door should retain its original shape and be level from side to side and top to bottom (or "plumb"). Windows may be installed on an angle (e.g. in an attic) only if they are designed to do so.
  3. The window or door should not support any load other than its own weight.
  4. Any exterior finishing, such as flashing, should prevent water penetration.
  5. A skylight should be well sealed where it meets the roofing material and any tunnel up to the skylight should be well insulated.

When replacing an existing window or door, there are two types of installation: "complete tear out" and "retro-fit."

A "retro-fit" involves installing a new window or door into the frame of the window or door that is being replaced. However, a retro-fit should be done only if the existing frame has not deteriorated and is properly sealed and insulated. This type of installation is usually less expensive and minimizes the disturbance to the surrounding wall and trim. It also narrows a door opening and reduces the glass area of a window by about 20 percent. Skylights are typically not retro-fitted.

A "complete tear out" involves removing the old window, door or skylight, including the frame. This type of installation is recommended because the installer can make a completely airtight insulated seal between the product and the rough opening. The original door opening or window glass area is usually retained or enlarged.

For certified window installations through the Window Wise Program, visit the Web site at

For more information, visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation Web site at

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