Windows, Doors and Skylights

The ENERGY STAR® Initiative in Canada


How to Participate in Canada.

A) Become an ENERGY STAR Participant

If your organization wishes to actively promote ENERGY STAR qualified products, you must sign an Administrative Arrangement with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) and agree to follow the Guidelines for Reproducing, Applying and Using the ENERGY STAR Symbol in Canada and the Labelling and Promotional Guidelines for ENERGY STAR Qualified Windows, Doors and Skylights Sold in Canada. As well, in order to label a product with the ENERGY STAR symbol, the product must meet one of the ENERGY STAR technical specifications.

To obtain a customized Administrative Arrangement and other supporting documentation please click on one of the categories below:

There is NO administrative fee to participate.

B) Become an ENERGY STAR Trade Ally.

A Trade Ally is defined as a registered business that supplies components that contribute to the ENERGY STAR qualification of products that are administered and promoted in Canada by Natural Resources Canada. For example, in the fenestration product category, Trade Allies are businesses that supply component parts that are used in manufacturing ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors or skylights.

To receive permission to use the ENERGY STAR name and ENERGY STAR Trade Symbol, the company must sign a Trade Ally Permission Letter and agree to follow the guidelines for reproducing, applying and using the ENERGY STAR trade symbol.

Request a customized Trade Ally Permission Letter

C) Receive Permission for Limited Use of the ENERGY STAR Name or Symbol.

If your organization wishes only to talk about ENERGY STAR or use the ENERGY STAR symbol in a published document, you must sign a Letter of Permission and agree to follow the Guidelines for Reproducing, Applying and Using the ENERGY STAR Symbol in Canada. This ensures the correct use of both the name and the symbol and maintains the credibility of ENERGY STAR.

Request a Letter of Permission

Questions or Concerns

To answer any questions that you may have, contact ENERGY STAR and one of our Account Managers will respond with further information.

The ENERGY STAR name and the ENERGY STAR symbol are registered trademarks of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and are used with permission.