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ENERGY STAR® for Heating and Cooling your Home.

ENERGY STAR is an international symbol that stands for high energy efficiency. It is designed to help consumers quickly identify products that save you energy.

Heating and cooling accounts for nearly half the energy you use in your home. And because your heating and cooling equipment lasts more than 10 years, the choice you make today to add or replace a system will affect your utility bills and your wallet for years to come. Using less energy also helps conserve our precious non-renewable natural resources and will also produce fewer emissions, including carbon dioxide (CO2), that contribute to climate change.

ENERGY STAR designated heating and cooling equipment, when properly designed and installed, can save consumers from 15 percent or more on heating and cooling bills each year, depending on where you live, and how much you pay for your energy source. Either way, energy savings, will often pay for themselves over the life of the equipment.

What is the ENERGY STAR furnace, and where do I find it?

An ENERGY STAR qualified gas or propane furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency or AFUE rating of 90% or more.

An ENERGY STAR qualified oil furnace has an annual fuel utilization efficiency (AFUE/SEUE) rating of 83% or more. To improve electrical efficiency, choose one with a high-efficiency circulating fan motor.

Note: On October 1, 2008, the ENERGY STAR rating for oil furnaces will increase to 85%.

Manufacturers or retailers volunteer to place the ENERGY STAR logo on those models for which they have demonstrated they meet or exceed the ENERGY STAR energy-efficiency criteria. Today, most leading manufacturers of home heating and cooling equipment are producing high-efficiency systems that qualify for the ENERGY STAR logo.

Usually, you can locate the ENERGY STAR logo on the back of the manufacturer's brochures, beside the EnerGuide rating box. Use the EnerGuide rating to determine the AFUE rating and locate the ENERGY STAR logo to ensure you have the most efficient product available.

When looking for a high efficient furnace, also consider an ENERGY STAR programmable thermostat. These thermostats have four daily settings, weekend/day settings, and other energy comfort features. They automatically adjust the temperature to the comfort setting you choose: lowers it while you are away at work, raises it for when you are at home, and provides flexibility for weekend use.