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Office Equipment

The following section provides specification information, sample procurement language and resource information for the office equipment listed below. Unlike other sections in this guide, the procurement language presented here also addresses special circumstances, such as leased equipment, maintenance agreements and blanket purchases.

Much of the information focuses on products with power-management features. For these features to work, they must be enabled. Enabling ensures that your product reduces power consumption as much as possible. When purchasing office equipment with power-management features, such as ENERGY STAR® qualified equipment, it is important to have the product shipped with the powermanagement features enabled. Additionally, after maintenance work is performed, remind the service technician not to disable the feature.

This section provides sample language that you and other purchasers can use to ensure that your equipment comes with the power-management feature enabled.

Cost Savings

Below is a comparison of ENERGY STAR® versus Non-ENERGY STAR qualified products. Our Simple Savings Calculator can quickly estimate the savings for you.

Cost-Savings Example

Office Equipment Non-ENERGY STAR Life-Cycle Energy Costs ENERGY STAR Life-Cycle Energy Costs ENERGY STAR Cost Savings Over the Product's Estimated Life CO2 Emissions Equivalent of Removing Cars
From Road (number per year)
200 Desktop Computers
(4 year life)
$31,412 $21,161 $10,251 1

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