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EnerGuide Rating Service Report

At the planning stage, your company can work with an energy advisor to determine which energy efficiency upgrades are most cost-effective and readily available in your area. As the energy advisor works on this with you, they can provide technical reports showing the impact of various options. You may choose to train in-house personnel to evaluate your plans in this way.

Once each house has been constructed, you must contact your EnerGuide rating service organization to arrange for the final "as-built" evaluation. The EnerGuide advisor for this step must be an independent third-party contractor, not an employee of your company. The advisor evaluates the home and prepares the EnerGuide rating label and report for your customer.

This report details the following: Report

  • the home's rating and an explanation of the rating system
  • a breakdown of the amount of energy used for space heating, lighting and appliances
  • the estimated energy usage of the home for electricity, gas and/or oil for a typical family of four, assuming standard heating and cooling, lighting, and appliance and hot water usage
  • recommendations for maintaining the efficiency of the home and its major installed equipment

View a sample report.

Builders are required to provide this report to the homeowner, along with the EnerGuide rating label that verifies the home's rating. The report and label confirm to your client that you have met your commitment to improve the energy efficiency of the home.