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Who are Energy Advisors?

Experts. EnerGuide rating service energy advisors are independent experts in energy efficiency for homes.

Professionals. They're affiliated with professional organizations across the country that work with Natural Resources Canada to deliver the EnerGuide rating service in your area. Both the service organizations and the individual advisors are well-versed in the application of energy-related systems, assemblies and components for improved residential energy efficiency.

Proven. Among energy advisors you'll find building engineers, architects, home inspectors, building and renovation professionals.Hands

Certified. Before being certified, each EnerGuide rating service energy advisor must complete training in a number of fields related to residential energy efficiency and also conduct several home evaluations under the guidance of an instructor.

Monitored. As well, independent quality assurance personnel from Natural Resources Canada monitor the efforts of all EnerGuide rating service energy advisors, to ensure that their work conforms to the strict requirements of the EnerGuide rating service, and that the requirements are applied consistently across Canada.