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Become a builder of EnerGuide rated homes

To become an EnerGuide builder, you must first contact the service organization in your area. The service organization will discuss your needs and evaluate any training required for your staff, explain the process and methodology used to perform evaluations, and discuss how you can use the EnerGuide rating to promote energy efficiency in the homes you build.

Builders either work with local EnerGuide advisors or obtain training for a member of their staff to build energy efficiency into home plans and perform plan evaluations. Once the house has been built, an independent advisor (not an employee of the builder) must perform an evaluation of the home "as built." The advisor models all the energy-using aspects of the home and performs an airtightness test to determine the final EnerGuide rating of the home.

Following this as-built evaluation, you will be provided with the advisor's report and a label that certifies the energy efficiency of the house to provide to your customers.

Tract BuildersHard hat

Tract builders who participate in the EnerGuide rating service often offer their customers one or two energy efficiency upgrade packages for their different home models. These upgrade packages are prepared by the builder working with their advisors. The builders themselves decide whether or not to implement any of the packages they develop in the plan evaluation process.

These upgrade packages can be offered to customers for a fee, just like any other upgrade. The upgrade packages come with a guarantee to the homeowner that the home will reach a specified minimum rating as a result of the upgrade recommendations being implemented.

BuilderCustom Home Builders

If you are an owner-builder or are building a custom or "spec" home, you can also request the services of an EnerGuide advisor. The advisor will evaluate your plans and identify in your personalized report opportunities for energy savings or improved comfort.

After construction is complete, the advisor will return to perform an airtightness test and determine which of the recommended upgrades you have incorporated into your design before providing you with an EnerGuide label and report for the home.

Manufactured Housing

If you are in the manufactured housing industry, you can request the services of an EnerGuide advisor. The advisor will evaluate your house plans and identify opportunities for energy savings or improved comfort in a report that is specific to each of your models.

Contact a local service organization for names of energy advisors in your area