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Packaged Terminal Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Technical Requirements for Energy-Using Products

Packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps

Proposed Minimum EER for PTAC/HP November 2006
Column 1 Equipment Type Column 2 Minimum Energy Efficiency Ratio (see notes below)
PTAC EER New Construction (cooling) 12.5 - (0.213 x cap/293.1) (12.5 - (0.213 x cap/1000))
PTAC EER Replacement (cooling) 10.9 - (0.213 x cap/293.1) (10.9 - (0.213 x cap/1000))
PTHP EER New Construction (cooling) 12.3 - (0.213 x cap/293.1) (12.3 - (0.213 x cap/1000))
PTHP EER Replacement (cooling) 10.8 - (0.213 x cap/293.1) (10.8 - (0.213 x cap/1000))
PTHP COP New Construction (heating) 3.2 - (0.026 x cap/293.1) (3.2 - (0.026 x cap/1000))
PTHP COP Replacement (heating) 2.9 - (0.026 x cap/293.1) (2.9 - (0.026 x cap/1000))


EER = Energy efficiency ratio – a ratio calculated by dividing the cooling capacity in Btu/hour by the power input in watts at any given set of rating conditions

COP =Coefficient of performance – a ratio for both the cooling and heating modes calculated by dividing the capacity expressed in watts by the power input in watts, excluding any supplementary heat

CAP = The rated cooling capacity in watts (upper formula) or Btu/hour (lower formula).

Replacement units are to be labeled according to the requirements of CAN/CSA C744-04

Requirements for the energy efficiency report, as listed in Schedule IV of the Regulations

  • type of product (packaged terminal air conditioner or heat pump);
  • brand name;
  • model number;
  • manufacturer;
  • name of the organization or province that carried out the air conditioner or heat pump verification and authorized the verification mark that will be affixed to the air conditioner or heat pump;
  • energy efficiency ration (EER);
  • Whether the product is a replacement unit;
  • cooling capacity in kW (Btu/hour);
  • heating capacity in kW (Btu/hour) (if a heat pump); and
  • heating coefficient of performance (if a heat pump).

factory-assembled packaged terminal air conditioners and heat pumps (PTAC/HP). PTAC/HP have a wall sleeve and a separate unencased combination of heating and cooling assemblies intended for mounting through the wall. This equipment intended for use in residential, commercial and industrial heating and cooling systems.


December 31, 1998


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