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Integrated Clothes Washer Dryers

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Technical Requirements for Energy-Using Products

Integrated clothes washer-dryers

Minimum Energy Performance Level
Clothes washers See clothes washer minimum modified energy factor (L/kWh/cycle)
Clothes dryer See clothes dryer minimum energy factor (kg/kWh)

Requirements for the energy efficiency report, as listed in Schedule IV of the Regulations

  • type of product (integrated clothes washer-dryer);
  • brand name;
  • model number;
  • manufacturer;
  • name of the organization or province that carried out the washer-dryer verification and authorized the verification mark that will be affixed to the washer-dryer;
  • washer-dryer annual energy consumption in kWh;
  • test group (size category; compact or standard);
  • clothes washer modified energy factor in L/kWh/cycle;
  • volume of clothes washer basket in litres;
  • clothes washer water consumption factor in L/cycle/L;
  • maximum wash temperature available: less than or equal to 57.2 °C or greater then 57.2 °C;
  • wash-rinse temperature selections featured as listed in Table 5 of CSA 360-03;
  • water fill control systems featured: manual or adaptive;
  • dryer energy factor in kg/kWh;
  • volume of dryer drum in litres;
  • type of drying control on the dryer: timed, auto-temperature or auto-moisture;
  • clothes washer annual energy consumption in kWh (based on 392 cycles/year);
  • clothes dryer annual energy consumption in kWh (based on 416 cycles/year).

a household appliance that consists of a clothes washer component and a clothes dryer component located above, below or beside the clothes washer component, that is powered by a single power source and the control panel of which is located on one of the components, and includes a combination clothes washer-dryer.

"Combination clothes washer-dryer" means a household appliance with a clothes washer function and clothes dryer function utilizing the same drum, a common control panel, and one power source.

Washer component: (CAN/CSA-C360-98)
Dryer component: CAN/CSA-C361-92

Washer component:
January 1, 2004
and January 1, 2007 Dryer component:
May 1, 1995


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