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Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Technical Requirements for Energy-Using Products

fluorescent lamp ballasts

(a) used to start and operate fluorescent lamps by providing a starting voltage and current, limiting the current during normal operation, and where necessary to facilitate lamp operation, providing cathode heating

(b) designed for input of 120, 277 or 347 volts, and

(c) designed to operate with an F32T8, F34T12, F40T10 or F40T12 rapid-start fluorescent lamp or an F96T12IS, F96T12ES, F96T12HO or F96T12HO ES fluorescent lamp

but does not include a ballast:

(d) designed to be used in an outdoor sign and that is capable of operating with an F96T12HO fluorescent lamp in ambient temperatures at or below -28.9 oC, or

(e) that, by means of an integrated dimming capability, can reduce the output of the fluorescent lamp by 50% or more

As of April 1, 2010, all ballasts must meet the same minimum energy performance requirements.

(amended 2001)

February 3, 1995


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List of models available

Fluorescent Lamp Ballasts

Operation of
Ballast Input
Total Nominal Lamp Wattage (W) Minimum
Factor, BEF
      February 3, 1995
One F40T12 lamp

Also for use on 40W/48T10/RS lamps
120 V 40 2.29
277 V 40 2.29
347 V 40 2.22
One F34T12 lamp 120 V 34 2.61
277 V 34 2.61
347 V 34 2.53
Two F40T12

Also for use on 40W/48T10/RS lamps
120 V 80 1.17
277 V 80 1.17
347 V 80 1.12
Two F34T12 lamps 120 V 68 1.35
277 V 68 1.35
347 V 68 1.29
Two F96T12(IS) lamps

Also for use on 60W/96T12/IS lamps
120 V 150 0.63
277 V 150 0.63
347 V 150 0.62
Two F96T12(ES) lamps
120 V 120 0.77
277 V 120 0.77
347 V 120 0.76
Two 110W F96T12HO lamps 120 V 220 0.390
277 V 220 0.390
347 V 220 0.380
Two F96T12HO(ES) lamps 120 V 190 0.42
277 V 190 0.42
347 V 190 0.41
Two F32T8 lamps 120 V 64 1.250
277 V 64 1.230
347 V 64 1.200

All ballasts must have a power factor of at least 0.9 except for ballasts designed for 120 volt input and to operate F32T8 rapid-start fluorescent lamps that have a colour rendering index greater than 75 where the power factor must be at least 0.5.

BEF = relative light output for rapid-start lamps / power input (watts)
BEF = relative lamp power for instant-start lamps / power input (watts)
BEF = relative light output for instant-start lamps (high frequency ballasts) / power input (watts)

Requirements for the Energy Efficiency Report, as Listed in Schedule IV of the Regulations

  • type of product (fluorescent lamp ballast);
  • brand name;
  • model number;
  • manufacturer;
  • name of the organization or province that carried out the fluorescent lamp ballast verification and authorized the verification mark that will be affixed to the fluorescent lamp ballast;
  • ballast efficacy factor;
  • with which of the following fluorescent lamps the product is designed to operate:
    i) F32T8 rapid-start;
    ii) F34T12 rapid-start;
    iii) F40T10 rapid-start;
    iv) F40T12 rapid-start;
    v) F96T12IS;
    vi) F96T12ES;
    vii) F96T12HO; or
    viii) F96T12HO ES;
  • number of fluorescent lamps the ballast is designed to operate;
  • for which of the following ballast input voltages the product is designed:
    i) 120 volts;
    ii) 277 volts; or
    iii) 347 volts.

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