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Clothes washers (and household-style commercial)

Energy Efficiency Regulations

Technical requirements

Regulatory definition
Standard or compact electrically-operated clothes washer that does not require mechanical fastening to a floor or wall, is top or front-loaded and has an internal control system that regulates the water temperature without the need for user intervention after the initiation of machine operation.

Test standard

Compliance date
January 1, 2007
Regulated since May 1, 1995

EnerGuide label
Required only on household clothes washers
Voluntary on household-style commercial clothes washers

EnerGuide directory: available
List of models available

Energy efficiency standard
Product class Minimum MEF (L/kWh/cycle)
  January 1, 2007
Vertical-axis compact (less than 45-L capacity) 18.40
Vertical-axis standard (45-L or greater capacity) 35.68
Horizontal-axis* 35.68
Suds-saving* N/A
MEF = modified energy factor.
L/kWh/cycle = litres per kilowatt hour per cycle.
*These product classes shall be equipped with an unheated rinse-water option.

Requirements for the energy efficiency report prior to import, as listed in Schedule IV of the Regulations

  • type of product (clothes washer)
  • brand name
  • model number
  • manufacturer
  • name of the organization or province that carried out the clothes washer verification and authorized the verification mark that will be affixed to the clothes washer
  • modified energy factor in L/kWh/cycle
  • annual energy consumption in kWh per year (based on 392 cycles per year)
  • test group size category: compact or standard
  • volume of clothes basket in litres
  • water consumption factor in litres per cycle per litre
  • maximum wash temperature available: less than or equal to 57.2°C or greater than 57.2°C
  • wash-rinse temperature selections featured as listed in Table 5 of CAN/CSA-C360-03
  • water-fill control systems featured: manual or adaptive
  • rotational axis of the product's clothes basket: horizontal or vertical
  • card-operated, coin-operated or features another method for payment