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Energy Efficiency Regulations

Technical Requirements for Energy-Using Products


Energy Efficiency Standard

Packaged water chillers must meet the

  • minimum coefficient of performance (COP) and integrated part-load value (IPLV) as specified in CSA-C743-02, Section 6, and listed in Table 9, as shown below, or
  • minimum adjusted COP and non-standard part load value (NPLV) for centrifugal equipment not designed to operate at standard rating conditions in Tables 10 to 15 of CSA-C743-02.
    Standard Rating Conditions
Type Capacity Range, kW(tons) Minimum COP Minimum IPLV
October 28, 2004
Vapour Compression
Air-cooled with condenser < 528 (150) 2.80 3.05
  ≥528 (150) 2.80 3.05
Air-cooled without condenser all 3.10 3.45
Water-cooled, reciprocating all 4.20 5.05
Water-cooled, rotary screw, scroll < 528 (150) 4.45 5.20
  ≥528 (150) and ≤1055 (300) 4.90 5.60
  > 1055 (300) 5.50 6.15
Water-cooled, centrifugal (see note (2)) < 528 (150) 5.00 5.25
  ≥528 (150) and ≤1055 (300) 5.55 5.90
  > 1055 (300) 6.10 6.40
Single-effect absorption, air-cooled all 0.60 N/A
Single-effect absorption, water-cooled all 0.70 N/A
Double-effect absorption, indirect-fired all 1.00 1.05
Double-effect absorption, direct-fired all 1.00 1.00


  1. COP is calculated as follows:
    1. Absorption: COP = standard rating capacity (kW) / thermal power input (kW);
    2. Centrifugal, rotary: COP = standard rating capacity (kW) / total power input (kW); and
    3. Reciprocating or scroll: COP = standard rating capacity (kW) / total power input (kW).
  2. For centrifugals that are not designed to operate at standard rating conditions, refer to Tables 10 to 15 for adjusted COP and NPLV numbers.

Requirements for the Energy Efficiency Report, as Listed in Schedule IV of the Regulations

  • type of product (chiller);
  • brand name;
  • model number;
  • manufacturer;
  • name of the organization or province that carried out the chiller verification and authorized the verification mark that will be affixed to the chiller;
  • equipment type (corresponds to the descriptions in the tables in CSA-C743-02, "Performance Standard for Rating Packaged Water Chillers");
  • net cooling / heating capacity in kW or tons;
  • COP;
  • IPLV; and
  • NPLV and list of non-standard conditions as per CSA-743-02, if designed for non-standard conditions.

A machine designed to make use of a refrigerant cycle to remove heat from a liquid, usually water, that rejects that heat to a cooling medium, usually air or water, and the refrigerant condenser of which may, or may not be, an integral part of the machine.


October 28, 2004


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