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Third Party Certification for General Service Lamps (Light Bulbs)

Bulletin on Developing Standards

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July 2010

NRCan is following up on its stated intent to address compliance verification requirements for general service lamps before the 2012 minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) come into effect. This bulletin proposes that general service lamps be third party energy efficiency verified when they become subject to their respective 2012 MEPS.

The purpose of this document is to provide stakeholders with background information on the proposed content of changes to the Regulations so that they can submit comments before proceeding with pre-publication in the Canada Gazette, Part I.

This bulletin attempts to put the changes in plain language. The legal text of the proposed amendment will be pre-published in the Canada Gazette, Part I and the final text published in the Canada Gazette, Part II after a minimum 75 day comment period.


The Energy Efficiency Regulations, which came into effect in February 1995, are administrated by NRCan and in addition to referencing energy efficiency standards, require that regulated product bear a third party energy verification mark. In addition dealers must provide information (i.e. an energy efficiency report) upon first import or interprovincial transport and provide product identification information upon import.

In 2008, the Energy Efficiency Regulations were amended to set MEPS for general service lamps in 2012. It also introduced consumer light bulb (lamp) labelling for general service lamps, general service incandescent reflector lamps and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). At the time, NRCan indicated that the compliance and verification procedures for the performance of general service lamps would be addressed in a future amendment.

Product Description

General service lamps subject to the 2012 MEPS as well as general service lamps that need to label but have no MEPS would be affected.

These are the general service lamps that would have no MEPS but would have to meet the new labelling requirements In 2012:

  • rough service lamps, vibration service lamps or shatter resistant lamps
  • E26d or E12 screw base lamps,
  • lamps with a luminous flux greater than 2600 lumens and but no greater than 3000 lumens,
  • G16-½, G25 or G30 shaped or other similar shaped lamps and a wattage greater then 20W and up to and including 40W.

For details on NEW lamp labelling for 2012 including changes in scope, please review Amendment 12 Bulletin on Light Bulb (Lamp) Labelling for Lighting Products July 2010.

Effective Date

NRCan is proposing that the requirement for third party verification of energy performance apply to general service lamps manufactured on or after January 1, 2012 with a rated luminous flux of at least 1050 lumens but not greater than 2600 lumens as well as all the general service lamps with only labelling requirements as listed above irrespective of their luminous flux; and to all other general service lamps manufactured on or after December 31, 2012 with a rated luminous flux of at least 250 lumens but no greater than 1049 lumens that are subject to the MEPS.

Verification Mark Labelling Requirements

With this change the same verification requirements that apply to other products regulated under the Energy Efficiency Act will apply to general service lamps.

General service lamps would bear or be labelled with a verification mark indicating that the energy performance of the product has been verified. The verification mark is the mark of a Standards Council of Canada (SCC) accredited certification body that administers an energy performance verification program for this product.

The third party verification mark must be readily visible and affixed on the product or to the exterior of the product packaging.

Other Labelling Requirements

Please refer to Amendment 12 Bulletin on Lamp Labelling July 2010 for details on the proposed new 2012 lamp label for general service lamps, CFLs and general service incandescent reflector lamps.

Note that these lamp labelling requirements call for the product's model number to be printed on the outside of the lamp packaging. This number would match the model number that appears on the certification file, on customs import documentation and on the energy efficiency report submitted to NRCan prior to first import or interprovincial transport.

Reporting Requirements

In addition to the current reporting requirements for general service lamps, dealers will need to provide the model number of the reference lamp for modified spectrum lamps.

Comments Invited

The information in the bulletin is being issued in advance of prepublication in the Canada Gazette to allow time for concerned parties to comment on the proposal.

All correspondence should be forwarded to:

Carmen Penty
Senior Compliance Officer
1 Observatory Cres., Building #1
Ottawa, ON K1A 0E4
Phone: 613-996-4830